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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 4, 2000

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It is not what he has, nor even what he does, which directly expresses the worth of a man, but what he is. -Henri-Frederic Amiel

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By Terri McPherson, Copyright (c) 1999, tmcphers@mnsi.net

Last year I had surgery to remove a tumor from my thyroid gland. I had staples across the front of my neck for a week afterward (a true Frankenstein look) and a very angry looking red scar after the staples were removed. Since I couldn't tolerate a collar against the wound, I became very creative at wearing scarves. My granddaughter Caitlynd, 3 yrs old at the time, also started wearing scarves.

The two of us had a grand time picking out 'the perfect scarf' for our outfits and finding unique ways to tie them. As I opened my closet door to choose our scarves for Caitlynd's fourth birthday, my precious granddaughter put her hand on my forearm and said, "Let's not wear a scarf today."

Looking into her serious little face, I took a deep breath and closed the closet door. On the way out of the house, I took a quick look in the mirror and felt the tears rise in my eyes. Her birthday party was a big affair and I knew people were going to stare at my now - bright pink scar - and whisper about it behind their hands.

To this day, I don't know if Caitlynd saw the well of tears I fought back or sensed my hesitant mood, but as we walked out the door she said, "Don't worry Grammy, I'll hold your hand."

And she did, all day long. I haven't worn a scarf since.

That scar has now faded to a pale thin line, but I will always hold on to the memory of my granddaughter's loving gesture during a time when I was physically weak and emotionally vulnerable.

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INTERESTING NAMES Part 1 of 2 [April 4 & 14]
Contributed by subscribers of WITandWISDOM(tm)
Copyright (c) 2000 by Richard Wimer Richard@witandwisdom.org

I had a dentist in West Texas named Don Hatchet, D.D.S. - Elaine Benton

I know a divorce lawyer in Tucson, Arizona named Bruce Bridegroom. - Bonnielee Walsh

In Barstow, California, where my husband was Base Sergeant Major at MCLB (Marine Base) there was a Sergeant Sargant . . . who has since been promoted. - Bonnielee Walsh

Gastoenterologist in Ft. Pierce, Fl is named Dr. Ram (Leonard J.) - Roxie Nana

There is an orthodontist/dentist in Kalispell, Montana, named Dr. Mason . . . ouch! - Steve & Kristi Youde

Two gynecologists in Texas are named Dr. Hatch and Dr. Pickel. - Suzi Self

When I was a student nurse at Loma Linda, California many years ago, in the surgery department there was a Dr. Cutting and a Dr. Coffin. - Barbara Sturges, RN

One was a ophthalmologist named Dr. Panic. - Robbie

Two surgeons (are you sitting down?) were named; Dr. Blud (pronounced "blood") and Dr. Gore! - Robbie

My old music teacher's wife was a nurse. Their last name was Doctor, so she was Nurse Doctor. - Cynthia Cook

There's an orthopedic surgeon in Wilmington, Delaware named Dr. Axe. - Rambler524

A chiropractor in Kalamazoo, Michigan is named Dr Bender. - Brian & Laura Jones

After an accident in which I received a whiplash, the emergency room doctors who examined me were Dr. Skullcap and Dr. Bonebrake! - Del Jeanne Mathews

We have a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Shearer. - The Howells

Both of these gentlemen are Orthopedic surgeons, one is Dr. Flake and the other Dr Grace. - Tom Leppla


I'm into golf now. I'm getting pretty good. I can almost hit the ball as far as I can throw the clubs. - Bob Ettinger

Submitted by Gavin Wilson

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

A research organization asked several thousand people, "What are the most serious faults of executives in dealing with their associates and subordinates?"
Following is a listing of the faults mentioned and the percent of those surveyed who mentioned them.

68% - Failure to see the other person's point of view.

36% - Failure to show appreciation or give credit.

34% - Failure to size up employees correctly.

24% - Lack of leadership.

19% - Lack of frankness and sincerity.

17% - Arbitrariness.

17% - Arrogance.

17% - Failure to delegate authority.

15% - Indecision.

15% - Bias and letting emotions rule.

Source: Bits & Pieces, January 5, 1995, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., www.epinc.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

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