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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 1, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Whenever you're called on to make up your mind.
And you're hampered by not having any.
The simplest way to solve the dilemma you'll find,
Is simply by flipping a penny.
No, not so that chance shall decide the affair;
As you're passively standing there moping.
But as soon as the penny is up in the air,
You'll suddenly know what you're hoping.
By Piet Hein

Source: Bits & Pieces, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., www.epinc.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org


- Author Unknown

1. You should not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.

2. You should not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never come to pass.

3. You should not cross bridges before one comes to them, for no one yet has succeeded in accomplishing this.

4. You should face each problem as it comes. One can only handle one at a time anyway.

5. You should not take problems to bed with you, for they make very poor bedfellows.

6. You should not borrow other people's problems. They can better care for them than you can.

7. You should not try to relive yesterday for good or ill, it is forever gone. Concentrate on what is happening in your life and be happy now!

8. You should be a good listener, for only when you listen do you hear ideas different from your own. It is hard to learn something new when you are talking, and some people do know more than you do.

9. You should not become "bogged down" by frustration, for 90% of it is rooted in self-pity and will only interfere with positive action.

10. You should count thy blessings, never overlooking the small ones, for a lot of small blessings add up to a big one. Finally, give thinks to the Lord, from whom all blessings come.

Source: Sermon Fodder, Sermon_Fodder-subscribe@onelist.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

TEST YOUR WITS Part 1 of 2 [May 1 & 11]

This test does not measure your intelligence, your fluency with words and certainly not your mathematical ability. It will, however, give you some gauge of your mental flexibility and creativity. In the three years since the test was developed, few people could solve more than half the 23 questions on the first try. Many, however, reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside, particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed; and some reported solving all the questions over a period of several days.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each question below contains the initial of words that will make it correct. Find the missing words.

Example: 16 = O in a P. is 16 Ounces in a Pound

1. 26 = L of the A
2. 1001 = A N
3. 7 = W of the W
4. 12 = S of the Z
5. 54 = C in a D (with the J)
6. 9 = P in the S S
7. 88 = P K
8. 13 = S on the A F
9. 32 = D F at which W F
10. 18 = H on a G C
11. 90 = D in a R A
12. 200 = D for P G in M
13. 8 = S on a S S
14. 3 = B M ( S H T R )
15. 4 = Q in a G
16. 24 = H in a D
17. 1 = W on a U
18. 5 = D in a Z C
19. 57 = H V
20. 11 = P on a F T
21. 1000 = W that a P is W
22. 29 = D in F in a L Y
23. 64 = S on a C


1. 26 letters of the alphabet
2. 1001 Arabian nights
3. 7 wonders of the world
4. 12 signs of the zodiac
5. 54 cards in a deck (with the Jokers)
6. 9 planets in the Solar System
7. 88 piano keys
8. 13 stars on the American Flag
9. 32 degrees at which water freezes
10. 18 holes on a golf course
11. 90 degrees in a right angle
12. 200 dollars for passing go in Monopoly
13. 8 sides on a stop sign
14. 3 blind mice (see how they run)
15. 4 quarts in a gallon
16. 24 hours in a day
17. 1 wheel on a unicycle
18. 5 digits in a zip code
19. 57 Heinz varieties
20. 11 players on a football team
21. 1000 words that a picture is worth
22. 29 days in February in a Leap Year
23. 64 squares on a checkerboard

Source: Sebastian's Humor Group via http://www.witandwisdom.org



Don't make me use uppercase.

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

Email is packaged by intellectual weight, not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during transmission.

Murphy's best friend was a computer.

The truth is out there? Does anyone know the URL?

Source: Kitty's Daily Mews, Copyright (c) 1997-2000 All rights reserved worldwide, kittysdailymews-subscribe@topica.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Newsweek magazine reported some years ago that one of the most famous speeches of World War II was Winston Churchill's great cry of defiance to the Germans after the British evacuation of Dunkirk: "We shall fight on the beaches . . . we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

Broadcast overseas, the speech stirred sympathy for the British cause in millions of Americans. But about twenty years ago it was revealed that those words were not spoken by Churchill, but were recorded by an actor who specialized in portraying him.

The actor, Norman Shelley, said that Churchill had been asked to record part of the speech, which was originally delivered in the House of Commons. "But Winston was exhausted," Shelley recalled, "and simply didn't have time. He told them to 'get some actor.' I was known for my imitations of Churchill, so I was asked to do it."

When Churchill heard the recording later, according to Shelley, he said, "Very nice. He even got my teeth." (When Churchill spoke, air escaping through his teeth produced a faint hissing sound.)

Churchill did record the speech after the war, but the truth about the wartime broadcast was not known until Shelley revealed it during an interview on the BBC.

From: The Reader's Digest, Copyright (c) March 1980

Source: The Timothy Report, Copyright (c) 2000 Swan Lake Communications, www.swanlake.twoffice.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

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