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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 21, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.

Source: God's Little Instruction Book for Women, By Honor Books Publishing Staff (editor), Published by Honor Books, Copyright (c) 1995, ISBN: 156292222X, http://isbn.nu/156292222X/price

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

Subjects: Blessings, Troubles


A lthough things are not perfect
B ecause of trial or pain
C ontinue in thanksgiving
D o not begin to blame
E ven when the times are hard
F ierce winds are bound to blow
G od is forever able
H old on to what you know
I magine life without His love
J oy would cease to be
K eep thanking Him for all the things
L ove imparts to thee
M ove out of "Camp Complaining"
N o weapon that is known
O n earth can yield the power
P raise can do alone
Q uit looking at the future
R edeem the time at hand
S tart every day with worship
T o "thank" is a command
U ntil we see Him coming
V ictorious in the sky
W e'll run the race with gratitude
X alting God most high
Y es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Z ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

Source: Monday Fodder mailto:dgaufaaa@iohk.com?subject=Subscribe_Monday_Fodder

Subjects: Thankfulness

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

by Sandy Lindsey

1. You've built a drive-thru car wash in the second slot of your 2-car garage.

2. You'll use any excuse to add a new room onto the house, including needing more space for the newest addition to the family -- your daughter's goldfish Buffy.

3. Even Martha Stewart has deemed your multi-level, hydraulically-operated kitchen is "a bit overdone."

4. You've converted the standard stall shower into a "bathing waterfall," complete with tropical plants.

5. Your rear-projection, surround-sound TV room can comfortably seat 43, and you're trying to make arrangements with Universal for first run films.

6. Your dog has a duplex dog house out back, even though he sleeps in bed with you every night.

7. The local building department says you can't add a fourth floor to a house that was originally zoned as a single level dwelling.

8. You bought and demolished your next door neighbors house to make room for an Olympic size swimming pool.

9. You've installed a small freight elevator going to your attic.

10. You've built an FAA-approved helipad on your roof.

1996 Sandy Lindsey
Sandy Lindsey Homepage http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/9833/

Source: Keith's Mostly Clean Humor, (Discontinued) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/McHawList

Subjects: Handyman


Why did the turkey cross the road?

It was the chicken's day off.

Source: Have a Nice Day

Subjects: Turkeys, One Liners

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:


Eat beans four times a week, and your heart will thank you for it, conclude researchers at Tulane University in New Orleans. Their study shows that people who eat beans at least four times each week have a 19 percent lower incidence of heart disease compared to those who rarely eat beans. Frequent bean eaters reduce their risk for all forms of cardiovascular disease by 9 percent. Soybeans and tofu count too.

Health and Fitness News Service, http://www.lats.com/lats/what/whatcol/text/health.htm

S ource: Adventist Review, ISSN 0161-1119, (c) January 18, 2001, http://www.adventistreview.org/

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

Subjects: Diet, Beans, Health

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