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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 4, 2002

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

It's easy enough to be pleasant
When life goes by like a song.
But the man worthwhile
Is the man who can smile
When everything goes dead wrong.

Source: The Funnies, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/andychaps_the- funnies

Subjects: Attitude, Difficulties


~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Answering Machine Messages
Part 1 of 2 [Jan 4 & 14]

Hi! John's answering machine is broken. This is his refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message to myself with one of these magnets.

Hello, this is KVKE, you're on the air.

(Very fast:) Hi, this is 904-4344. If you want to leave a message, please wait for the tone. If you want to leave your name and number, please press pound, press 3, then dial your name, then press 6 and dial your number. If you want to leave your name and just a message, press star, press 6, ask for extension 4443, then leave your name and message. If you want to leave your number and the time you called, please press star twice, spin in a circle, press 1 twice, talk loud and BEEP.

This is the Literacy Self Test Hotline. After the tone, leave your name and number, and recite a sentence using today's vocabulary word. Today's word is "supercilious."

I can't come to the phone now because I have amnesia and I feel dumb talking to people I don't remember. I'd appreciate it if you could help me out by leaving my name and telling me something about myself. Thanks.

Subjects: Answering Machine, Telephone


My 6-year-old grandson, Joshua, attended a Vacation Bible School with the theme "What Would Jesus Do?" To remind the children of the theme, they made little armbands with WWJD on the band.

One evening Joshua's mother asked him to change his clothes.

Joshua looked at his armband and said, "WWJD - What would Jesus do?"

His mother replied that she thought Jesus would do what His mother asked Him to do and change His clothes.

Joshua thought for a moment, then remarked, "I don't know; He seems to be wearing the same clothes in every picture I see of Him."

By Naomi Magdanz, Lodi, California, USA

Source: Adventist Review, ISSN 0161-1119, (c) April 5, 2001, http://www.adventistreview.org/

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

Subjects: WWJD, Clothing

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:


Apples are loaded with flavonoids and polyphenols that help reduce cell and tissue damage. Researchers have found that eating 100 grams of fresh apple with the peeling (two thirds of a medium fruit) has the same antioxidant effect as 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C. Laboratory studies reveal apples' phytochemicals reduce cancer cell activity by 30 to 60 percent. - Cornell University.

Compiled by Larry Becker, editor of Vibrant Life, http://www.vibrantlife.com/

Source: Adventist Review, ISSN 0161-1119, (c) March 15, 2001, http://www.adventistreview.org/

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

Subjects: Apples, Cancer, Antioxidant

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