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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 24, 2002

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"The good times we put in our pocket. The hard times we put into our heart." - Les Brown

Source: Thought for Today, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thoughtfortoday

Subject s: Difficulties


An agnostic lay dying. He called his weeping child to his bedside and asked her to read to him the one text that hung on his wall. It contained a summary of his life's philosophy: GOD IS NOWHERE. The little girl began to read: "G-O-D: God; I-S: is; N-O-W: now; H-E-R-E: here. God is now here," she repeated. The mistake of the child led to her father's conversion.

By J. A. McMillan

Source: Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) October 1963, Pacific Press, http://www.pacificpress.com/signs

Submitted by Dale Galusha

Subjects: Agnostic, Language, Conversion

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


Don't turn it on yet, it's not quite ready.

Don't worry, it's not used any more.

Step back a bit, I can't get you in the picture.

Listen, I'm taking a course in chemistry, I know what I'm doing.

Yes of course the elastic is strong enough.

I wonder what happens if these two wires touch.

I thought it tasted rather strange.

Well "I've" never seen one that big.

You have driven this before, haven't you?

And that one over there, the red flashing one, what does that mean?

I've never had one of these fail to open before.

Are you sure they don't mind you taking their honey?

It's ok, I saw them do it on TV.

Source: Humor R Us http://humor.morstad.org/

Subjects: Accidents, Foolishness


"The Lord gave us two ends to use; one to think with, the other to sit on. Which one we use will determine how well we do in life. In other words, heads you win, tails you lose."

Source: Heart Touchers, http://storiesfrommyheart.com/home_page

Subjects: Goals

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

(MS Internet Explorer)

Do you print out web pages? If so, do you become annoyed at all the header and footer info that gets printed on each and every page? You know, the web address, title, etc? Well, you can get that adjusted right out of there, or customize it. Here's how:

1. Click the File menu, Page Setup

2. Find the "Headers & Footers" area and remove all the gibberish in the respective fields. Hit OK and you have it.

Now, that will keep the computer from printing all of your header and footer info, but what if you want some of it? Well, you can do that too, using the parameters below in the header and footer fields:

&w Window title

&u Page address (URL)

&d Date in short format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel)

&D Date in long format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel)

&t Time in the format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel

&T Time in 24-hour format

&p Current page number

&P Total number of pages

&& A single ampersand (&)

&b The text immediately following these characters as centered.

&b&b The text immediately following the first "&b" as centered, and the text following the second "&b" as right-justified.

For example, if you want the header to have the window (page) title and the URL, you would type:

&w &u

If you wanted to make it so it also specified you were the one who printed it, you could put something like:

&w &u Printed by Steve on &d

The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the spacing. To get a single space between items (like &w&u) you need to hit the space bar twice. Experiment and you'll get it. Enjoy!

Source: Computer Tips, ISSN: 1529_336X, Copyright 2001, WorldStart. All unauthorized reproduction strictly prohibited. Http://www.coolnewsletters.com

Subjects: Computer Tips

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