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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 19, 2002
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Happiness is a healthy mental attitude, a grateful spirit, a clear conscience, and a heart full of love. - Author Unknown


There was once a minister in England who was troubled with a violent and ungovernable temper. Many times he had prayed for victory over it. In tears he had struggled to conquer this foe. But again and again he had been beaten and now was almost in despair. He came into his study one day after a violent outburst of anger and broken heartedly buried his head in his arms on the desk. Soon his tears lulled him into a deep sleep. He dreamed that he was in this same study. As he looked out through one of the windows, he saw a glorious man coming toward the house who evidently was to be his guest. He was very aware that his study was in much disorder, and certainly unfit to receive such a guest, who he knew was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He swept and dusted the room, but, strangely, the more he worked the worse it became. Then the stranger knocked on the front door.

"Oh, what shall I do?" the minister said to himself. "I cannot invite Him into a room in such disorder as this." As he kept making attempts to clean his dirty study he kept thinking, "I cannot open the door while this room is so unfit to receive Him." But try as he would, all his efforts were in vain. Then when the knock came for the third and what he thought might be the last time, he with a sense of shame and confusion opened the door, saying to his guest, "Master, I can do no more. Come in if Thou wilt enter such a dirty room."

The Master walked in and suddenly a strange transformation occurred. The dust settled, the disorder disappeared, and all was bright, clean, and joyful. The Master's presence alone had done all that his own utmost efforts had failed to accomplish.

A sinful, mortal man, try as he may, cannot cleanse his own heart so that Jesus can come in. Only Jesus is able to do that. He says, "Come." He wants us to open our hearts' door (Revelation 3:20), and He will do the cleansing.

By George S. Ashlock

Source: These Times, Copyright (c) June 1953, Pacific Press, http://www.pacificpress.com/signs

Submitted by Dale Galusha

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Warnings from Product Labels

On a Duraflame fireplace log:
"Caution - Risk of Fire."

On a compact disc player:
"Do not use the Ultradisc 2000 as a projectile in a catapult."

On a 35-mm camera:
"When operating the selector dial with your eye to the viewfinder, care should be taken not to put your finger in your eye accidentally."

On a propane blowtorch:
"Never use while sleeping."

On an air conditioner:
"Avoid dropping air conditioners out of windows."

On a vacuum cleaner:
"Do not use to pick up anything that is currently burning."

On a mattress:
"Do not attempt to swallow."

On a book of matches:
"Contents may catch fire."

On a Batman costume:
"Warning: Cape does not enable user to fly."

On a bottle of hair coloring:
"Do not use as an ice cream topping."

Source: The Oregonian, Copyright (c) February 5, 2002, http://www.oregonian.com/

Submitted by Barbara Henry


Tim Timmons and Stephen Arteburn in their book, "Hooked on Life," tell about a middle-aged woman who made her way into an apartment building to the twelfth floor. As she arrived at her intended destination, she rang the doorbell impatiently. The door opened mysteriously, and she was welcomed by the smell of incense and smoke. She entered and was greeted by a slightly dressed young girl who announced her presence with the sounding of a huge gong.

With this the young girl said, "Do you wish to see the all-knowing, all-powerful, the wonderful one, Maharishi Narru?"

"Yeah," the woman said, "Tell Sheldon his mother is here!"

Source: Daily Encounter, by Dick Innes, Copyright 2002, http://www.actsweb.org/subscribe.htm

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

What do we mean when we write "e.g.?"

The letters in the abbreviation e.g. stand for exempli gratia - a Latin term meaning "for example."

Source: ArcaMax Trivia, http://www.arcamax.com

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