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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 14, 2004
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Of the writers I know who own mansions, all of them could paper the outside of their house with rejection notices." - John Long

Source: Heart Touchers, http://www.hearttouchers.com


A shiver ran through me I wasn't dressed warmly enough for the damp, night air I sat huddled on the little wooden bench down by the lake. It was an especially dark night, with no moon to reflect upon the still water. Only a few stars flickered between clouds. Shivering again, I tucked my legs up under me. I wasn't sure if the chill was from the cold air or from the despair in my heart.

My problem seemed so much bigger than I was, Our dearly loved teenage son had run away from home. My cheeks were streaked with tears. I had no concept of how long I had been sitting there, crying out to the Lord. "Please reveal yourself to me. I need to feel you near. I need evidence of your presence."

The pine trees rustled gently overhead, moved by an unseen breeze. How I longed for a visible sign, a rustling of his presence, a soft breeze of the Holy Spirit. "Please Lord, just a special little light up in the dark pines then I will know that you are here and that you care." Darkness prevailed. The lake lapped quietly against a piece of rock.

I felt someone approach, lovingly, my other son placed a jacket around my shoulders and then quietly slipped away. Soon, one by one, the house lights went out, and the darkness intensified. I was surrounded by quiet dark and I felt so alone. Finally, cold and discouraged. I uncurled myself from the bench and giving a last longing look over my shoulders up into the pines I climbed the hill and crawled into bed.

Morning arrived all too soon. I was emotionally exhausted. I stumbled into the kitchen going through the motions of fixing breakfast and getting the children off to school. With a heavy heart I began to straighten the house once again asking the Lord to reveal himself.

I was beginning to make the bed, when the phone rang, I heard the familiar voice of a friend say, " I just wanted you to know I Love you and am praying for you." A few minutes later, the phone rang again, " I just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind lately, Are you alright?" The caller assured me of her love and prayers. All during the day, in phone call after phone call, loving friends offered love, concern and support. That evening, two friends called to say they were coming over to pray with us.

Suddenly I realized the Lord had revealed Himself to me . . . again and again . . . all day long . . . lovingly and tenderly. I was looking for a light in my darkness and He sent more than one. I asked Him to reveal Himself and His love to me in a special way. And He did. Not through night whispers, mysterious rustlings, or glimmers in the treetops, but in a way that I could feel. Through His people. Humbly I bowed my head, thank you Lord. "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2).

Author Unknown

Source: The Inspired Buffalo, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the-inspired-buffalo/

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Most people try to get ‘better' at things every year. This is probably a little closer to reality....

2001: I will read at least 20 good books a year.
2002: I will read at least 10 good books a year.
2003: I will read at least 5 good books a year.
2004: I will finish "Airport."

2001: I will not spend my money frivolously.
2002: I will pay off my bank loan promptly.
2003: I will pay off my second mortgage promptly.
2004: I will begin making a strong effort to be out of debt by 2008.

2001: I will get my weight down to below 180.
2002: I will watch my calories until my weight is down to below 190.
2003: I will follow my new diet religously until my weight is under 200.
2004: I will try to develop a new attitude about my weight.

2001: I will host a summer barbecue for the whole subdivision this year.
2002: I will get to know the neighbors on my block a little better this year.
2003: I will invite my next door neighbor to dinner this year.
2004: I will find a good real estate agent.

2001: I will have the cat spayed this year.
2002: I will find a cheaper newspaper for the "free kitten" ads this year.
2003: I will have all the carpets cleaned this year.
2004: I will frame the "thank you" note from my veterinarian for putting her son through college.

2001: I will see my dentist this year.
2002: I will have my cavities filled this year.
2003: I will have my root canal work done this year.
2004: I will buy stock in Polident this year.

From: Yaffa's Coffeehouse, edited and a couple added by Mark Raymond

Source: Flint Friday Funny, mailto:baldmark@myexcel.com?subject=Subscribe_Flint_Friday_Funny

Sub mitted by Kiri Christina Hyatt


A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep when you hit the snooze button.

Submitted by Tim Colwell

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

In Hebrew the word for truth is TMA (emet). This word is composed of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the alef, the last letter of the alphabet, the tau and the exact middle letter of the alphabet (including the final forms) the mem. Truth demands total accuracy from start to finish, including every part in the middle as well.

tma = emet = Truth
a = Alef the first letter of Alef-bet (A)
m = Mem the middle letter of Alef-bet (M)
t = Tau the last letter of Alef-bet (T)

Submitted by Chrei

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