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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 14, 2004
ISSN 1538-8794

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It's just a matter of how you view them. Author Unknown


"How can someone get rid of the image that they are pressuring people to perform?"

One proven method is to squash the symbols of power so that all of your associates feel they are on an equal footing. Here's how some have accomplished that objective:

A bank manager in Norfolk removed his name from the most coveted parking spot and replaced it with a sign, "Employee of the month." He parked with the rest of the staff.

The guidance counselor at a middle school in Jacksonville decided to walk the halls and playgrounds two hours every day, engaging students in informal conversations.

The head honcho of a computer software company in Palo Alto, California, halted the practice of eating lunch with his top people in the private executive dining room. Instead, he ate in the company cafeteria -- making certain he sat at a different table each time.

In Cleveland, the president of a wholesale paper company turned his office into an employee lounge and created a rather open office space for himself right in the middle of the warehouse.

By Neil Eskelin in Neil Eskelin's Daily Jump Start(tm), Copyright (c) 2004, http://www.neileskelin.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

One day on his way to work, my husband, Jermaine, stopped at the cafeteria
as it began to rain.

Forgetting that he hadn't brought an umbrella, he reached for the nearest one when he got up to leave.

"That's my umbrella," a woman immediately scolded.

Abashed at his mistake, he walked on to his office. He was drenched by the time he arrived.

Once there, he discovered three umbrellas that he had left in the office over the months, and decided to bring them home at the end of the day.

That afternoon he ran into the same woman who had confronted him earlier.

She looked at the umbrellas, then at him, and tartly remarked, "You did real well for yourself today, didn't you?"

Source: Clean Humor Digest, http://www.jokesnstuff.net/digest


A good friend was waiting nearby while his young son prayed silently before
going to bed. Suddenly the boy burst out laughing.

"Reggie!" scolded his father, "Why are you laughing during prayer?"

"But Dad," the boy answered, "you told me that prayer is talking to God as to a friend, and I just told him a joke."

By Loron Wade, Montemorelos, Mexico

Source: Adventist Review, ISSN 0161-1119, (c) October 16, 2004, http://www.adventistreview.org/

Submitted by Mary Thayne

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Pennies From Heaven

Money may not grow on trees, but for Richard Heinichen of Dripping Springs, Texas, it does fall from the sky. Using a half-acre collection system, he gathers rain water, filters it, bottles it - and sells it for a buck a pint. Heinichen, who claims he's selling enough precipitation to break even, began saving the stuff after moving to Dripping Springs 14 years ago. "My well water was so hard it made my hair look like a fright wig, and it tasted like chalk," he explains. But cloud juice is mineral-free. "It's so refreshing," he says. "It tastes like nothing."

Source: Reader's Digest, Copyright (c) April 2004, http://www.readersdigest.com/

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