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WITandWISDOM(tm) - July 16, 2004
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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank

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The purpose which Tyndale had begun to cherish, of giving the people the New Testament Scriptures in their own language, was now confirmed, and he immediately applied himself to the work. Driven from his home by persecution, he went to London, and there for a time pursued his labors undisturbed. But again the violence of the papists forced him to flee. All England seemed closed against him, and he resolved to seek shelter in Germany. Here he began the printing of the English New Testament. Twice the work was stopped; but when forbidden to print in one city, he went to another. At last he made his way to Worms, where, a few years before, Luther had defended the gospel before the Diet. In that ancient city were many friends of the Reformation, and Tyndale there prosecuted his work without further hindrance. Three thousand copies of the New Testament were soon finished, and another edition followed in the same year.

With great earnestness and perseverance he continued his labors. Notwithstanding the English authorities had guarded their ports with the strictest vigilance, the word of God was in various ways secretly conveyed to London and thence circulated throughout the country. The papists attempted to suppress the truth, but in vain. The bishop of Durham at one time bought of a bookseller who was a friend of Tyndale his whole stock of Bibles, for the purpose of destroying them, supposing that this would greatly hinder the work. But, on the contrary, the money thus furnished, purchased material for a new and better edition, which, but for this, could not have been published. When Tyndale was afterward made a prisoner, his liberty was offered him on condition that he would reveal the names of those who had helped him meet the expense of printing his Bibles. He replied that the bishop of Durham had done more than any other person; for by paying a large price for the books left on hand, he had enabled him to go on with good courage.

Source: The Great Controversy by E. G. White, Copyright (c) 1950 by The E. G. White Publications, http://isbn.nu/0816305250

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A newly converted hippie was very interestedly reading the Bible while waiting for transportation and every now and then would exclaim, "Alleluia, Praise the Lord, Amen" and on and on as he read on.

A skeptic heard him and came and asked what he was reading. He answered" I am reading how God parted the Red Sea and let the Israelites go through - that is a miracle!" The skeptic explained "Do not believe everything the Bible tells you. The truth of the matter is that that body of water was really only 6 inches deep - so it was not miracle."

The hippie nodded in disappointment but kept on reading as the skeptic was walking away feeling proud that he had set the hippie straight. All of a sudden the skeptic heard the hippie let out a big "Alleluia, PTL". At this the skeptic came back to him and asked, "What is it this time?" The hippie said excitedly in one breath, "This one is a real miracle, God drowned the whole Egyptian army in 6 inches of water!!!"

Submitted by Stanley Baldwin


A coworker told me that I looked tired. "I am," I said. "I just finished 50 pushups."

"Oh really? When did you start doing pushups?"

"Well, I did the first one in 1986."

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Want to be thin? Don't skip breakfast

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2003 (UPI) -- If you usually skip breakfast or start the day with large helpings of bacon and eggs, you risk being fatter than those who eat a bowl of hot cereal for breakfast.

That's the conclusion of a new study by University of California-Berkeley researchers. The study, sponsored by the cereal maker Kellogg, was published in Friday's issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Lead researcher Gladys Block told the San Francisco Chronicle: "What seems clear is skipping breakfast is not good for you. It doesn't help you lose weight or maintain a low body weight. It's just the opposite."

The researchers compared what 16,452 Americans ate for breakfast with their body mass index -- a formula used to measure ideal weight based on height. They also factored in physical activity and smoking, which can also affect body weight.

The study is the first demographically controlled research that shows how different breakfast foods affect one's weight.

Source: ArcaMax Science News, http://www.arcamax.com/cgi-bin/reg

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