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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 25, 2004
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Just remember, 100% of the shots you don't make don't go in. Wayne Gretzky

Source: Inspire, http://www.inspirelist.com/


A Florida judge could have set a record by reportedly agreeing to release a man on bail of just 12 cents.

WFTV says Judge Donna Miller set bail at just 7p after hearing that that was all James Hennes, who had been arrested for trespassing at a mental facility, could afford.

As she thought he posed no danger, she could have released him without having to pay any bail, but she had done that before and he had ended up sleeping in the lobby of the jail he had been held in.

So he was given the option of either paying the minimal bail or staying in prison.

She claims her decision had an immediate and marked effect on his behavior, which had been erratic.

"He immediately calmed down and felt empowered that the decision was in his hands," she said.

Hennes posted the bail and did not sleep in the jail that night.

Judge Miller says she tries to 'be creative and structure things that will change people's behavior.

But this is not the first time she has meted out unusual punishments.

A woman charged with battery was told she had to go running every day, a man caught with no driving license had to spend time with the local newspaper's cartoonist, and another man had to listen to an inspirational talk from Miller's paralyzed son.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

I'm On A Committee
By Phong Ngo

Oh, give me a pity, I'm on a committee
Which means that from morning to night
We attend and amend and contend and defend
Without a conclusion in sight.

We confer and concur, we defer and demur
And re-iterate all of our thoughts
We revise the agenda with frequent addenda
And consider a load of reports.

We compose and propose, we suppose and oppose
And the points of procedure are fun!
But though various notions are brought up as motions
There's terribly little gets done.

We resolve and absolve, but never dissolve
Since it's out of the question for us.
What a shattering pity to end our committee
Where else could we make such a fuss?

Copyright (c) Phong Ngo

Source: Laughter for a Saturday


My brother, a strict vegetarian, travels abroad for long periods on business. When he got back from Europe one time, he called our parents' home and told Dad he was about to pay them an unexpected visit.

Dad hung up. "The prodigal son is returning!" he called to my mother. "Kill the fatted zucchini!"

Source: Arizona Humor, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arizona_humor/

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

I called a friend at 6 a.m. and a sleepy female voice answered. Realizing that I had dialed the wrong number, I apologized and hung up.

When I redialed, the same voice told me I still had the wrong number. As I started to apologize profusely, the woman interrupted me. "Please don't apologize," she said. "I'm sitting by the window with a cup of coffee enjoying a truly beautiful sunrise. If you hadn't awakened me, I would have missed it."

Source: Top Greetings, http://www.top-greetings.com/

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