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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 13, 2004
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Money will buy: A bed but not sleep, Books but not brains, Food but not appetite, Finery but not beauty, A house but not a home, Medicine but not health, Luxuries but not happiness, Amusements but not happiness, A crucifix but not a Savior, A church but not heaven."

Source: These Times, Copyright (c) June 1968, Pacific Press, http://www.signstimes.com


"Dear Abby: I lost my mother several months ago after a lengthy illness. She and Dad had a beautiful marriage that spanned almost 50 years. I never heard them say an angry word to each other. While sorting through some of Mother's papers, I came across the enclosed "Rules for a Happy Marriage." I don't know where she got it or how long she had it, but the list contains some excellent advice . I hope you'll think it's worth sharing with your readers. - Marlene's Daughter"

Rules For A Happy Marriage

1. Never both be angry at the same time.
2. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.
3. If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your mate.
4. If you must criticize, do it lovingly.
5. Never bring up mistakes of the past.
6. Neglect the whole world rather than each other.
7. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.
8. At least once every day say a kind or complimentary word to your life partner.
9. When you have done something wrong, admit it and ask for forgiveness.
10. It takes two to make a quarrel, and the one in the wrong usually is the one
who does the most talking.

Submitted by Dennis Brown

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

From the track listing of Cartoon Express, a collection of sound effect audio clips available from Sound Ideas, a company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario:

Big Twang and Ding

Big Sloppy Squish

Twangy Sproing

Boingy Rubbery Snap

Short Juicy Squirt

Big Pant Tear

Squealing and Snorting While Eating

Big Airy Spit

Heavy Burp

Hard Face Slap

Short, Squeaky Kiss

Sloppy Slime Gushes

Squeaky Hee-Haws

Female: High, Giggly Laugh with Snorts

From: Harper's Magazine, http://www.harpers.org/

Source: The Oregonian, Copyright (c) June 24, 2004, http://www.oregonian.com/

Submitted by Barbara Henry


When our son Jimmy went to Navy boot camp, we waited impatiently for word from him. Finally we received a post card telling us he was doing well and we shouldn't worry. It went on to say that he was being kept busy acclimating to a military lifestyle and that he would send a detailed letter in a couple of weeks.

After reading his card a second time, however, we noticed that Jimmy had faintly underlined letters throughout the note. When the letters were combined, his hidden message read, "Help me!"

Source: Cascade_Express(tm) E-Zine,

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Dear Computer Lady,

I have just returned from a wonderful long trip and took pictures - over 700 - using our digital camera. They have all been downloaded to my home computer and now I would like to make them into a screen saver. I have Windows XP at home.

Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated. I have been receiving your newsletter for a number of years and put them all in a file for future reference and to help answer questions here at the office.

Thank you, Judy

Dear Judy,

Windows XP has a built in screen saver that will display your pictures. Here is how to set it up.

1. Right click on a blank spot on your desktop and click "Properties".

2. When the Display Properties window appears, click on the "Screen Saver" tab.

3. In the Screen Saver window, click the drop down list under the heading "Screen saver" and select "My Pictures Slideshow".

4. Once you have selected the My Pictures Slideshow, click on the "Settings" button just to the right.

In the settings window you can change many things like the number of seconds a picture is displayed and the size of the pictures. You can also select the folder the pictures you want to display are in. Look for the section that says "Use pictures in this folder:" and click the "Browse" button.

Select the folder containing your pictures, and click "OK" twice to close all the windows.

By Elizabeth Boston

Source: Ask The Computer Lady, ISSN: 1525-6332 (c) Elizabeth Boston, http://askTCL.com/newsletter

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