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~~~~~~~ WITANDWISDOM™ - April 26, 1999

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." - Harvey Mackay

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It is of the greatest importance for the soul to go to prayer with confidence, and such a pure and disinterested love as seeks nothing from the Father but the ability to please Him and to do His will; for a child who only proportions his diligence to his hope of reward renders himself unworthy of all reward. Go, then, to prayer, not that ye may enjoy spiritual delights, but that ye may be full or empty, just as it pleaseth God. This will preserve you in an evenness of spirit, either in desertion or in consolation, and will prevent your being surprised at dryness, or the apparent repulses of Him who is altogether Love. Constant prayer is to keep the heart always right towards God. - Backhouse and Janson, A Guide to True Peace

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

"Have really enjoyed the birds at the feeders and waters. Had a flock of little siskins all dressed in tweed that spent the day here. They are so tame you can take water out to them and they pretty much ignore you. Not so the sparrows in their gray sweats and little brown corduroy jackets. They are such messy eaters. . . The goldfinches are dressed neat as a pin sitting there eating thistle seed one polite bite at a time. The juncos are like little old Russian ladies in their black babushkas and shawls, hoping around on pogo sticks. The blue jays are like gaudy teenagers at odds with everyone, acting as though the feeders were never discovered before they arrived and so proud of their music that no one else likes. The robins come in flocks of 20 or more and take over like a bunch of politicians. They splash the water out of the bird baths like there's plenty more where that came from and poop everywhere they go. They act like you're fortunate they've stopped by to see you. The cedar wax wings are the true yuppies. They fly in with their Gucci feathers all arranged just so with a flash of red here and a slash of yellow there in perfect green brown fashion. Their topknots are done up in the latest style and their mod dark glasses as finishing touch. What a bunch of stuffed shirts! The mocking birds just come and drink like a couple disheveled drunks while the flickers are the true separatists in their little black vests and red tams. . . " By Fred Miller

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Woman phones up her husband at work for a chat.

HIM: "I'm sorry dear but I'm up to my neck in work today."

HER: "But I've got some good news and some bad news for you dear."

HIM: "OK darling, but as I've got no time now, just give me the good news."

HER: "Well, the air bag works."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

A couple in Germany who, many years ago, were preparing their evening meal when they heard a knock at their door. Upon answering the door, standing there, in the deep winter cold, was an ill-clad youth asking for food. The couple took him in to give him food and shelter for the night.

Being Christians, they prayed for this rather destitute young man. Somehow they both felt that they should take him into their home and adopt him as their own son. This they did. Little did they know who this stranger was and what he would accomplish with his life.
His name? . . . Martin Luther.

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