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~~~~~~~ WITandWISDOM™ - June 9, 1999

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"I would sooner live in a cottage and wonder at everything than live in a castle and wonder at nothing!" - Joan Winmill Brown

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Excerpt from the book, "Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness," by Charles Swindoll (Word Publishing, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1998), 44-45:

(Swindoll writes:) I've often enjoyed repeating the true story of an incident in the life of Thomas Edison that illustrates perfectly the benefits of a positive attitude. Edison's son, Charles writes of the event about his father in his book titled, The Electric Thomas Edison:

'(One)December evening the cry of "Fire!" echoed through the plant. Spontaneous combustion had broken out in the film room. Within moments all the packing compounds, celluloid for records, film and other flammable goods had gone up with a whoosh. . .

When I couldn't find Father, I became concerned. Was he safe? With all his assets going up in smoke, would his spirit be broken? He was 67, no age to begin anew. The I saw him in the plant yard, running toward me.

"Where's Mom?" he shouted, "Go get her! Tell her to get her friends! They'll never see a fire like this again!'(1)

(Swindoll continues:) Can you believe it? Rather than saying, "Oh, God, what did I do to deserve this? Sixty-seven years I've faithfully lived my life, and this is what I get in return," he says, "Hey, son, get your mother. This is one unbelievable sight! Look at that fire!"

(Edison's son continues:) 'At 5:30 the next morning, when the fire was barely under control, he called his employees together and announced,: "We're rebuilding!"

One man was told to lease all the machine shops in the area. Another, to obtain a wrecking crane from the Erie Railroad Company. Then, almost as an afterthought he added, "Oh, by the way. Anybody know where we can get some money?"

Later on he explained, "You can always make capital out of disaster. We've just cleared out a bunch of old rubbish! We'll build bigger and better on these ruins." With that he rolled up his coat for a pillow, curled up on a table and immediately fell asleep.'(2)

(1)Charles Edison, "The Electric Thomas Edison," GREAT LIVES, GREAT DEEDS
(Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Digest Association, 1964), 200-203.
(2)Ibid., 204-205

(Adage Woman)

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


Thou shalt not jump onto the keyboard when thy human is on the modem.

Thou shalt not pull the phone cord out of the back of the modem.

Thou shalt not unroll all of the toilet paper off the roll.

Thou shalt not sit in front of the television or monitor as if thou are transparent.

Thou shalt not projectile vomit from the top of the refrigerator.

Thou shalt not walk in on a dinner party and commence licking thy behind.

Thou shalt not lie down with thy behind in thy human's face.

Fast as thou art, thou cannot run through closed doors.

Thou shalt not reset thy human's alarm clock by walking on it.

Thou shalt not climb on the garbage can with the hinged lid, as thou wilt fall in and trap thyself.

Thou shalt not jump onto the toilet seat just as thy human is sitting down.

Thou shalt not jump onto thy sleeping human's bladder at 4 a.m.

Thou shalt realize that the house is not a prison from which to escape at thy first opportunity.

Thou shalt not trip thy humans even if they are walking too slowly.

Thou shalt not push open the bathroom door when there are guests in thy house.

Thou shalt remember that thou are a carnivore and that houseplants are not meat.

Thou shalt show remorse when being scolded.

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A man in a rural county down south was campaigning for a seat in the Senate. One rainy, miserable evening there was a knock on the door. A man he didn't know stood outside, soaking wet. "I need help," the man said. "My car is stalled down the road. Would you help me?"

"Sure, " said the candidate. When they reached the disabled car, the owner got in and turned the key. The car started up immediately.

"I don't understand," said the would-be-senator. "There was nothing wrong with your car."

The other man smiled. "I know, I also know that this state needs a good man up there in Washington," he explained. "I just wanted to know if your were the kind of man I could vote for. Now I know. You've got me vote." - Bits & Pieces, May 27, 1993

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

MAIL PREFERENCE SERVICE - The Direct Marketing Association has developed a service that allows consumers to have their names removed from marketing lists. Thousands of businesses use the service to clean their lists of consumers who do not wish to receive direct mail.

How Do I Register for MPS?
You may register with the name removal file by sending your name and home address in writing to :

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Be sure to include as many versions of your name as appears on mailings that you receive. You must register with MPS directly; second party requests cannot be processed. Your name will remain on the file for 5 years, at which point you must re-subscribe.

What Happens After I Request Name Removal?
When you register with MPS, your name is placed on a "delete" file which is made available to participating companies each quarter. Registrants typically notice a decrease in the amount of advertising mail they receive approximately 3 months after their names are added to the file.

Will Registration with MPS end all Advertising Mail?
You will continue to receive mail from businesses that you are currently doing business with or have done business with in the past. You will also receive mail from organizations who do not choose to use MPS to delete names from their files. You will also receive mail from local merchants, professional and alumni associations, political candidates and mail addressed to "occupant" or "resident".

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Why do mosquitoes bite some people more often than others? . . . Answer tomorrow.

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