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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 3, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

I can do less than I think I can in a year. I can do more than I think I can in five years. - Rick Warren

(Dave Weigley)


A young soldier found himself in a terrible battle during the Scottish Reformation. [I cannot remember the soldier's name or the exact date of the battle. I think it took place sometime between 1200 and 1400 AD.] The enemy was soundly defeating this young man's army. He and his comrades found themselves hastily retreating from the battle field in defeat, running away in fear of their very lives. The enemy gave chase. This young man ran hard and fast, full of fear and desperation, soon found himself cut off from his comrades in arms.

He eventually came upon a rocky ledge containing a cave. Knowing the enemy was close behind, and that he was exhausted from the chase, chose to hide there. After he crawled in, he fell to his face in the darkness, desperately crying to God to save him and protect him from his enemies. He also made a bargain with God, one which I (and perhaps you too?) have made before. He promised that if God saved him, he would serve Him for the remainder of his days.

When he looked up from his despairing plea for help, he saw a spider beginning to weave its web at the entrance to the cave. As he watched the delicate threads being slowly drawn across the mouth of the cave, the young soldier pondered its irony. He thought, "I asked God for protection and deliverance, and he sent me a spider instead. How can a spider save me?"

His heart was hardened, knowing the enemy would soon discover his hiding place and kill him.

And soon he did hear the sound of his enemies, who were now scouring the area looking for those in hiding. One soldier with a gun slowly walked up to the cave's entrance. As the young man crouched in the darkness, hoping to surprise the enemy in a last-minute desperate attempt to save his own life, he felt his heart pounding wildly out of control.

As the enemy cautiously moved forward to enter the cave, he came upon the spider's web, which by now was completely strung across the opening. He backed away and called out to a comrade, "There can't be anyone in here. They would have had to break this spider's web to enter the cave. Let's move on."

Years later, this young man, who made good his promise by becoming a preacher and evangelist, wrote about that ordeal. What he observed has stood by me in times of trouble, especially during those times when everything seemed impossible. He wrote: "Where God is, a spider's web is as a stone wall. Where God is not, a stone wall is as a spider's web."

A SPIDER'S WEB - Author unknown

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

A Teacher of a Forth-grade class asks her students to complete some Proverbs sayings.

It is always darkest.... just before you flunk a test.

There is nothing new.... under a rock.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with.... a private jet.

A committee of three.... gets things done when they are not fighting.

If you can't stand the heat.... try Antarctica.

Better late than.... absent.

A rolling stone.... may dent the floor.

If at first you don't succeed.... live with it.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry.... and then blow your nose.

A bird in the hand is.... better than a woodpecker on your head!

Early to bed, early to rise.... and you will get the best cereal.

Two heads.... are pretty scary!

It is better to light a candle than.... to light a bomb.

Amiss is as good as a.... mister.

Don't burn your bridges.... or you'll fall in the lake.

Haste makes.... sweat.

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The boss caught an employee not wearing his company-logo pin. The quick-thinking young man said, "Sorry sir. I must have left it on my pajamas."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Swedish researchers have gone back to basics in their efforts to heat homes during the long, cold winters -- by relying on body heat. A Swedish building research group plans to build houses which are so insulated from the elements that heat generated by human occupants will be enough to heat the structures, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet said Thursday. Around 40 semi-detached houses without central heating but with insulation five times more efficient than usual will be built in 1999 in the Swedish cities of Gothenburg and Malmo. If successful, the scheme will be extended to Hanover, Germany. - InfoBeat

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