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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 14, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Nothing hurts more than having to pay an income tax, unless it is not having to pay an income tax. - Thomas Robert Dewar

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Author Unknown

There once was a king who had more money than he knew what to do with. He owned all of the land as far as the eye could see, several castles, and he ruled his land with an iron fist. But no matter how much he had, he never seemed to have enough and was a very miserable man.

One day he told his servant, "I want you to go out and scour the land, from one horizon to the other, and find the happiest man on earth, and bring me his shirt. Once I have the shirt of the happiest man, I will be able to be happy myself. And I don't want you to return without that shirt or you will be beheaded."

The servant set out about his mission and was gone for many moons. The king was getting impatient as he waited and waited. Finally, after many months of searching, the servant returned, on hands and knees, crawling before the king. The king noticed the servants hands were empty and became very angry.

He told the servant that he had one minute before he was to be beheaded and he had better explain why he had disobeyed his orders.

With tears in his eyes, the servant looked to the king and said "Master, I did as you said, I searched from horizon to horizon looking for the happiest man on earth, and I finally found him."

So the kings asks, "Why didn't you bring me the shirt of this man?"

The servant replied, "Master, the happiest man on earth did not own a shirt."

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

INTERESTING NAMES Part 2 of 2 [April 4 & 14]
Contributed by subscribers of WITandWISDOM(tm)
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Here in my hometown, for many years, our only podiatrist was a kindly man named "Dr. Oder"! - Pamela Brickmann

Our pediatrician was Dr, Blood and our dentist was Dr. Sharp and his partner was Dr. Stern. - Steven Wardwell

I know a doctor by the name of Dr. Stork. - Diana Kisling

We had a pediatrician named Dr. Childs and an oral surgeon named Dr. Kilcuts. I know a dentist named Dr. Rentschler (too close to "wrench" for MY comfort!) - HEYMOMMA4

I went to two OB/GNYS named Dr. Love and Nerness. - Nancy Wimer

A dentist in Yuba City, California is named Dr. Fillmore. - Rod Keen

I know of a dentist by the name of Dr. Chew and he has a dental hygienist who's last name is Gum. - Rod Keen

My former gynecologist's name was Dr. Jack M. Lipps - Aangie

Dr. Leake practices urology in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky! - Cindy Fessle

I know of a Nurse Nurse. - Lane Creamer

There is a Plastic Surgeon in San Diego, California named, Chip Splinter, M.D. - KY Newmyer

I met a podiatrist whose name was Dr. Longfellow. - Loella Johnson

My friend is an RN married to a guy whose last name is Doctor. . . so she is "Nurse Carol Doctor." - SafnJesu

I had an Uncle that had some colon work done by a proctologist. The doctor's name was Dr. Butts. - Greg Johnson

There is a doctor of urology that had it on his business cards, "If you can't tinkle see Dr. Winkle," until the AMA made him take it off. - Greg Johnson

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From the OmniRead Treasuries - Audiences

Facing a large audience is enough to make your navel pucker! I wonder how you'd sign that to deaf people. - Tim Hansen, to an audience of people with disabilities

If they liked you, they didn't applaud - they just let you live. - Bob Hope

Gushing actor, "Last night I was a sensation. I had the audience glued to their seats."
George Jessel, "How clever of you to think of it."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

When the federal income tax was signed into law in 1913, a senator speaking in opposition to the bill stated: "If we allow this 1 percent foot-in-the-door, at some future date it might rise to 5 percent."

Source: Bits & Pieces, March 2, 1995, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., www.epinc.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

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