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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 26, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. - James Allen

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The story is told of a king who owned a valuable diamond, one of the rarest and most perfect in the world. One day the diamond fell and a deep scratch marred its face. The king summoned the best diamond experts in the land to correct the blemish, but they all agreed they could not remove the scratch without cutting away a good part of the surface, thus reducing the weight and value of the diamond.

Finally one expert appeared and assured him that he could fix the diamond without reducing its value. His confidence was convincing and the king gave the diamond to the man. In a few days, the artisan returned the diamond to the king, who was amazed to find that the ugly scratch was gone, and in its place a beautiful rose was etched. The former scratch had become the stem of an exquisite flower!

God can turn the "scratches" on our souls into something beautiful.

From: "God's Little Lessons on Life for Mom," Honor Books of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1999. p. 67

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


A train goes between Chicago and New York. The brakeman, the fireman and the engineer are named Smith, Jones and Brown. (The names are not necessarily in order). There are also three passengers named Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones and Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown lives in New York. The brakeman lives halfway between New York and Chicago. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year. Smith beat the fireman at their last game of golf. The passenger who lives in Chicago has the same name as the brakeman. The brakeman's next door neighbor is a passenger on this train and earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman. What is the name of the engineer?

Riddle Solution

Determine the known facts. Also notice that the passengers are noted with the title Mr., where as the brakeman, engineer and fireman are identified by their last names only.

1. Mr Brown Lives in New York City
2. The brakeman lives midway between NY and Chicago
3. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year
4. Smith beat the fireman at their last game of golf.
5. The brakeman's next-door neighbor, who is a passenger, earns exactly three times the brakeman's salary.
6. The passenger who lives in Chicago has the same name as the brakeman.

According to #1 and #2, the brakeman's neighbor cannot be Mr. Brown.
According to #5, the brakeman's neighbor also cannot be Mr. Jones, because $20,000 is not evenly divisible by three.
This leaves Mr. Smith as the next door neighbor to the brakeman.
Mr. Smith lives halfway between New York and Chicago (#2) as does the brakeman.
Since Mr. Brown lives in New York, by process of elimination, it is now known that Mr. Jones lives in Chicago.
According to statement #6, this means that the brakeman is named Jones.
According to statement #4, the fireman cannot be Smith, so the fireman must be must be Brown, which leaves Smith as the engineer.

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When my nine-year-old granddaughter addressed a letter to God at the Pearly Gates, Heaven, it was returned. Someone at the postal service had written across the envelope: "Nobody at the post office is headed that way. Sorry!" - from Ruth Sturdivant, in Reader's Digest, Copyright (c), www.readersdigest.com

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Who has better vision?

1. Someone with 20-20 vision 2. Someone with 20-40 vision 3. Someone with 20-10 vision

Scroll Down:

A: # 3- Someone with 20-10 vision.

How does it work?

The first number, 20, is the distance you "should" be from the eye chart. The second is how far away the average person could be in order to make out a given line on the chart (the 20-20 line usually being the 3rd.)

Sooo, if you have 20-10 vision, you can see the same letters at 20 feet that the average person would have to be at 10 feet to discern. If you had 20-40, the average person could see the same detail at 40 feet that you can see at 20.

Source: Diversions Digest, www.coolnewsletters.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

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