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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 16, 2000

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When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home. - Chief Aupumut, Mohican leader (18th Century)

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In our women's Bible study, we have been talking about the strongholds by which Satan binds us. Some examples of this are: negative thinking, anger, unforgiving spirit, fear, etc. We have been holding each other accountable in claiming God's victory over them.

We made an appointment to meet on May 6, 2000 at the beach in order to pray over our strongholds and then throw them in the fire -- symbolizing their destruction through the power of Christ. Let me try to share what happened that night:

The fire pits at the beach are spaced rather closely together so it's hard to have total privacy. On one side of us there was a group of Asian-American Christian young people (30-40 of them) singing praise songs and fellowshipping together, which made a great back drop for what we were doing. On the other side of us was a group of ten or so drunken individuals, yelling at the tops of their lungs, using vulgarities and profanities.

There were 15 women in our group and after a light supper, we gathered around the fire and went over our individual strongholds. Then we started to pray, one-by-one, finishing our individual prayer by throwing our list of strongholds into the fire. This was a time consuming process.

The noise and vulgarities continued. Finally, our group leader went over to the loud group, told them that we were trying to have a Bible study and prayer and would they mind quieting down for a while. "Sure" they said. It lasted about five minutes - then they were at it still louder this time and even more profane and vulgar. It was interesting to me that when prayer was being focused on one of the women who was in crisis (suicidal, abuse, etc.) the volume would increase even more.

Finally, our group leader couldn't take it anymore. Instead of throwing up her hands in defeat, she said let's pray. Her prayer was bold and powerful, calling upon God to make a difference in our evening. She told Him that we had come to spend time with Him and to bind ourselves even closer to Him and that demonic forces seemed to be at odds with us. She reminded Him that where 2 or 3 were gathered in His name that He would be there with them. She said "Lord, in the name of Jesus, make these people sit down and shut up." Her prayer continued a while, and then she said "and Lord, if there is anyone in that group who doesn't belong there, pull them out and send them over here to us." With that she finished the prayer.

We continued our praying in the circle about our strongholds . . . and I could not believe my ears. Within five minutes, it was quiet with the exception of the praise songs being sung by the Asian-American young people. The group that had been so loud and obnoxious were lying quietly on the sand, looking into the fire, or at the sky. It was amazing and it was quiet the whole rest of the time we were in prayer.

The beach closes at 10 p.m., so the young people began to break up for the evening. We asked the guitar player and some of them to come to our fire pit to sing with us. They gladly obliged. We stood singing and praising God and again . . . I could not believe my eyes. Out of the formerly loud, vulgar and profane group walked a young woman, about 22-25 years of age. She was crying and walked over to our fire. Our group leader reached out to her. The young woman said "I want to come home." With tears of rejoicing and much prayer, we welcomed her while she re-committed her life to Jesus. We spent quite a bit of time with her -- I talked with her a little. She said "I feel so confused and yet I feel SO good and SO at peace and free." We swapped phone numbers.

Unbeknown to our group leader, while all this was happening, a young man wandered over from a distant fire pit. He had been designated the driver for the evening. His friends were getting more and more drunk. He walked over to take a break. He had been a Christian for only a week.

Praise God. May this be an encouragement to all parents who have wandering children. Somewhere out there, a Godly mother's prayers were answered in a powerful way.

God WILL honor the prayers of parents and WILL bring our children back into the Light.

Promises that came to mind: He will save our children: Mal 4:5, 6; Isa 43:5-7; Isa 49:25 He will restore the years the locust have eaten: Joel 2:25

By Lori Hoewing-Magie, May 9, 2000 via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Part 2 of 3 [May 5, 16, 26]
Compiled by WITandWISDOM(tm) 2000

Elixir . . . what a dog does to his owner when she gives him a bone

Enema . . . not a friend

Fester . . . quicker

Fibula . . . a small lie

Genes . . . blue denim slacks

G.I. Series . . . A military ball game

Hangnail . . . coat hook

Inbred . . . the best way to eat peanut butter

Inpatient . . . tired of waiting

Intubate . . . what a fisherman is

Labor Pain . . . hurt at work

Medical Staff . . . a doctors cane

Migraine . . . what a Russian farmer now says about his harvest

Minor Operation . . . coal digging

Morbid . . . a higher bid

Nitrate . . . cheaper then the day rate.

Node . . . was aware of

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A young person knows the rules but the old person knows the exceptions.

The biggest drawback to fasting for seven days is that it makes one weak.

Some people attend church three times in their lives: when they're hatched, when they're matched, and when they're dispatched.

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Why does someone have to "start the ball rolling?" . . .

Anyone who looks at the English language, especially American English, can see that those who speak it think that life is a game. Even when you're not being athletic, it's good to "score a touchdown," "hit a home run," or "deliver a knockout blow."

The British are also fond of playing field metaphors--they're the ones who "started the ball rolling." The sport was croquet, the leisurely pastime in which players use mallets to knock wooden balls through metal hoops stuck in the grass. Someone had to hit the ball first and start it rolling, and gradually the expression came to mean anyone who got things going.

From: Why You Say it by Webb Garrison

Source: The Daily Trivia, trivia-on@mail-list.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

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