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WITandWISDOM(tm) - June 14, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficial. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greater dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." - Justice Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v US 277 US 479 (1928)

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A young woman called Nancy had a disability and was confined to a wheelchair, yet she developed a unique ministry to hurting and lonely people. She placed an ad in the local newspaper that read: "If you are lonely or have a problem, call me. I am in a wheelchair and seldom get out. We can share our problems with each other. Just call. I'd love to talk."

Each week at least 30 calls come into her, and she spends her day counseling and comforting people. When asked how she became disabled, she said, "By trying to commit suicide. I was living alone and had no friends. I hated my job and was constantly depressed. So I decided to jump from the window of my flat, but instead of being killed, I ended up in the hospital, paralyzed from the waist down. That second night in the hospital Jesus appeared to me and told me that I'd had a healthy body and a crippled soul, but from then on I would have a crippled body and a healthy soul. I gave my life to Christ right there and then. When I got out of the hospital I tried to think of how a woman like me in a wheelchair could do some good, and I came up with the idea of putting an ad in the paper, and the rest, as they say, is history."

By Lindsay J. Laws, New South Wales, Australia via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

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The principal singer of nineteenth century opera was called pre-Madonna.

Gregorian chant has no music, just singers singing the same lines.

Sherbet composed the Unfinished Symphony.

Young scholars have expressed their rapture for the Bronze Lullaby, the Taco Bell Cannon, Tchaikovsky Cracknutter Suite, and Gershwin's Rap City in Blue.

Music sung by two people at the same time is called a duel; if they sing without music it is called Acapulco.

A virtuoso is a musician with real high morals.

Contralto is a low sort of music that only ladies sing.

Diatonic is a low calorie Schweppes.

A harp is a nude piano.

The main trouble with a French Horn is that it is too tangled up.

An interval in music is the distance from one piano to the next.

The correct way to find the key to a piece of music is to use a pitchfork.

Agitato is a state of mind when one's finger slips in the middle of playing a piece.

Rock Monanoff was a famous post-romantic composer of piano concerti.

Submitted by: Thurman Petty, John L. Bechtel


While carpenters were working outside the old house I had just bought, I busied myself with indoor cleaning. I had just finished washing the floor when one of the workmen asked to use the bathroom.

With dismay I looked from his muddy boots to my newly scrubbed floors. "Just a minute," I said, thinking of a quick solution. "I'll put down newspapers."

"That's all right, lady," he responded. "I'm already trained."

Source: Kitty's Daily Mews, Copyright (c) 1997-2000 All rights reserved worldwide, kittysdailymews-subscribe@topica.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

According to company lore, Ole Evinrude, a Norwegian immigrant, got the idea for an outboard motor while on a picnic with his sweetheart Bessie. They were on a small island in Lake Michigan, when Bessie decided she wanted some ice cream. Ole obligingly rowed to shore to get some, but by the time he made it back the ice cream had melted. So Ole built a motor that could be attached to his rowboat, and founded the Evinrude company in 1909. The motor produced less than 2 hp. The most powerful modern outboards develop up to 300 hp and can drive a boat more than 160 km/hr (100 mph).

Source: Giggles & Grins Copyright (c) 2000 by Igiggle@aol.com All Rights Reserved, gigglesngrins-subscribe@topica.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

Submitted by Harold Chaffee

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