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WITandWISDOM(tm) - June 27, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

We are responsible for the effort, not the outcome. - Author Unknown

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Some years ago there lived in one of the poorer sections of London a man who professed to be an infidel. Several of his Christian friends labored to bring him to have faith in the Bible and Christ, but all their efforts proved fruitless. As the years passed, he grew hardened and cynical.

In time the weight of years lay heavily upon him, and one day he went to his bed for the last time. One of his Christian neighbors, who had faithfully endeavored to lead him to Christ, took his Bible and climbed the dark, dirty stairs to the garret where the sick man lay. He knocked on the warped door, and a weak voice invited him in.

As soon as he entered, the dying man looked up and rasped, "So it's you with that Book again! Take your old Bible from here. I want nothing to do with it!"

Sorrowfully the would-be friend returned home, where he related his experience to his wife.

All unnoticed by him, his small daughter had been listening. When he was finished, she went to her room and took from a drawer her most precious possession, the new Bible her daddy had given her at Christmas. With it tucked under her arm, she walked down the street to the infidel's home and up the same stairs her father had descended a short while before. Knocking on the door, she heard the old man's voice inviting her in.

"And what do you want, little girl?"

"Daddy said you didn't want his OLD Bible, so maybe you will take my NEW one." Bursting into tears she laid it quickly on the table beside the bed and ran from the dingy room.

Soon afterward the old man died. When the social workers went to remove his body, they found under his pillow the little girl's Bible and a piece of soiled paper, stained with the marks of many tears, on which these words were written:

I've tried in vain a thousand ways
My fears to quell, my hopes to raise;
But what I need, the Bible says,
Is ever, only Jesus.
My soul is night, my heart is steel,
I cannot see, I cannot feel;
For light, for life, I must appeal
In simple faith to Jesus.
He died, He lives, He reigns, He pleads;
There's love in all His words and deeds;
There's all a guilty sinner needs
For evermore in Jesus.
Though some should sneer, and some should blame,
I'll go with all my guilt and shame;
I'll go to Him because His name,
Above all names, is Jesus

By Thomas A. Davis

Source: Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) February 1957, Pacific Press, www.pacificpress.com/signs via http://www.witandwisdom.org

Submitted by: Dale Galusha

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Our For What It's Worth Department hears from Oceanside, California.

A robber wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a gun strode into the branch bank . . .

He selected a teller who appeared fiftyish, soft, kindly, an easy mark . . . and handed her a note demanding money or her life.

Give me money or I'll blow your head off - or words to that effect.

The woman reached for the cash drawer . . .

Then she looked again at the note . . .

And her eyes flashed . . .

Her lips clenched . . .

She pulled the entire cash drawer out . . .

But instead of giving him money . . .

She clobbered the robber over the head with the drawer . . .

And again and again . . .

And she is scolding him . . .

Money is flying everywhere and she is beating him and shouting shame on him and bouncing blows off his helmet . . .

Until the young man turned and ran.

Police caught him in nearby shrubbery.

Then they asked the woman teller . . . How come she was about to give him money at gunpoint and then, suddenly, instead, became enraged?

She said, "In his note there was a very naughty word."

By Paul Harvey, July 18, 1979

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Our neighbor Leo came home with a birdhouse one day. My husband kidded him, asking him how many birds could afford accommodations in our suburban neighborhood.

"Leave that to me," Leo replied. Soon the birdhouse was dangling from a tree, with a neat sign that read, "Room for wren - - cheep."

Source: Kitty's Daily Mews, Copyright (c) 1997-2000 All rights reserved worldwide, kittysdailymews-subscribe@topica.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:


Here's a cool site that monitors cameras that are set up in Africa. The cameras are update every 30 seconds, so you won't miss any action. They even have contests where you submit photos you've captured from their cams. This one can be addicting!

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