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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 20, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The most effective way to achieve right relations with any living thing is to look for the best in it, and then help that best into the fullest expression. - Allen J. Boone

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"I thank God for my handicaps, For, through them, I have found myself, my work, and my God." - Helen Keller

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


A few years ago, a furniture company attempted to collect some overdue bills with this threatening letter:

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Dear Sir:

What would your friends and neighbors think if our truck pulled into your driveway some afternoon, and our men came into your house to pick up the items of furniture for which you have not paid us?

Shelby Furniture Company

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Back came this prompt reply from the customer:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I have talked this over with my friends and neighbors and they all agree it would be a pretty lousy trick.

Henry Jones

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The famous painter, Picasso, wanted a special piece of furniture made for a large room. He went to a cabinetmaker and, to make his wishes clear, sketched on a piece of scrap paper exactly what he wanted. When he finished, he asked what the price would be. "No charge," said the wily craftsman, "just sign the sketch."

Source: Bits & Pieces, February 3, 1994, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., www.epinc.com via http://www.witandwisdom.org

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

The moon has three different types of motion as we see it. We understand it orbits around the earth once every 29 days, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds at 2300 mph; this is one day for a man on the moon. On earth we sometimes call it one month, for our word "month" comes from mona, the Anglo-Saxon word for moon. Every 24 hours, the moon has moved about 12 degrees eastward in its orbit, or time-wise, 51 minutes. Another movement of the moon is, it travels in space around the Sun, following the earth. However, the last movement of the moon intrigues me--it rotates about it's axis, exactly once in a lunar month. Every full moon, this satellite has rotated about it's axis exactly once, despite all the meteors impacting its surface. It may sound simple, but the irony is that we are not able to see the backside of the moon. It constantly remains hidden from our view.

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