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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 29, 2000

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

One day a Harvard student explained his failure to do some assigned work by saying, "I wasn't feeling well." The Dean replied, "I think in time you may perhaps find that most of the work in the world is done by people who aren't feeling well." - Author Unknown

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That great African-American educator Booker T. Washington exemplified the beauty of a humble spirit. One day as Professor Washington was walking to work at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, he happened to pass the mansion of a wealthy woman.

The woman, who did not recognize him, called out, "Hey you! Come here! I need some wood chopped!" She was a product of her culture and simply perceived him as a black man who was there to do her bidding.

Without a word, Dr. Washington peeled off his jacket, picked up the ax, and went to work. He not only cut a large pile of wood, he also carried the firewood into the house and arranged it neatly.

He had scarcely left when a servant said to the woman, "I guess you didn't recognize him, ma'am, but that was Professor Washington!"

Embarrassed and ashamed, the woman hurried over to Tuskegee Institute to apologize. The great educator humbly replied: "There's no need to apologize, madam. I'm delighted to do favors for my friends!"

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Excerpts from the syndicated column of Marilyn Vos Savant ("Ask Marilyn") where she lists some of the most perplexing questions that readers have sent in.

"How do they fit all that hot air into blow dryers? Why don't they ever run out?"

"Do oysters get bored? How can you tell?"

"I say that a song popular during the 1950's went 'Oooh eee ooh ah ah wing wang walla bing bang, ooh eee ooh ah ah wing wang walla walla bing bang.' My boyfriend insists it went, 'Oooh eee ooh ah ah ching chang walla bing bang, ooh eee ooh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang.' Who is correct."

"Could you please tell me the number of shades of green? After driving around and looking at the scenery, I've decided there must be many."

"Is the earth at a different angle in the morning than it is at night? In the morning I have to put something against the front door to hold it open. At night, it stays open by itself."

"I do not understand women. Would the study of quantum mechanics help?"

"If M&Ms melt in your mouth but not in your hands, what about your underarm? I want to test it, but my mom won't let me."

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Between the ages of 30 and 70, you nose may lengthen and widen by as much as half an inch. That explains that old saying, "you're not getting older, you're getting nosier." - Useless Digest

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Want to know what happened on a particular day in history? Type in the date you're interested in and see the history - from a US-centric viewpoint.

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