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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 9, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

People's minds are changed through observation and not through argument. - Will Rogers, American humorist

Source: Bits & Pieces, October 12, 1995, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., www.epinc.com


On the night of April 14-15, 1912, the White Star liner S.S. Titanic, with more than 2,000 passengers on board, struck an iceberg south of Newfoundland and sank with the loss of 1,515 lives. When news of the sinking reached England, the scene outside the steamship office was indescribable. Relatives of passengers on the ill-fated vessel packed the street in front of the main entrance, and all traffic came to a standstill.

On either side of the doorway two large billboards were hammered up in place. Above one was printed in oversize capitals: "KNOWN TO BE SAVED." Above the other, in equally large letters: "KNOWN TO BE LOST." From time to time a man would emerge from the steamship office carrying a piece of cardboard on which was printed the name of one of the passengers.

A deathlike stillness would sweep over the crowd as the people watched, emotions strained to the breaking point, to see which way the man would turn. Would he pin the name up on the side of the saved or the lost? In the end, each passenger would end up in one group or the other - either saved or lost!

By Donald E. and Vesta W. Mansell, "Sure As The Dawn" Copyright (c) 1993

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


Money does not talk - it just goes without saying.

Money is the most efficient labor-saving device ever invented.

Money is the most egalitarian force in society. It confers power on whoever holds it.

Money is that which you swap for that which you think will make you happy.

Money is a commodity which doesn't grow on trees - you have to beat the bushes for it.

Money is something that briefly brushes by you in its mad dash to Washington.

Money isn't everything - it doesn't even cover expenses.

Money is something which doesn't always bring happiness. People with $10 million are generally no happier than another with $9 million;

Money won't buy happiness, but will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem;

Money is a terrible master but makes an excellent servant. - P.T. Barnum

From Quinn's Devious Dictionary, (c) Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 by Lee Daniel Quinn. More samples from the book can be viewed at http://www.iop.com/~words/ The book is available by writing to: .


A professor of chemistry wanted to teach his 5th grade class a lesson about the evils of liquor, so he produced an experiment that involved a glass of water, a glass of whiskey, and two worms. "Now, class. Observe closely the worms," said the professor putting a worm first into the water. The worm in the water writhed about, happy as a worm in water could be. The second worm, he put into the whiskey. It writhed painfully, and quickly sank to the bottom, dead as a doornail. "Now, what lesson can we derive from this experiment?" the professor asked. Jonny, who naturally sits in back, raised his hand and wisely, responded, "Drink whiskey and you won't get worms."

Source: Kitty's Daily Mews, Copyright (c) 1997-2001 All rights reserved worldwide, mailto:kittysubs@katscratch.com?subject=Sub_KDM

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Facetiously and abstemiously contain all the vowels in the correct order, as does arsenious, meaning "containing arsenic."

Source: Bill's Punch Line, bills-punch-line-subscribe@egroups.com

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