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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 15, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

As long as you don't forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind. - Isabelle Holland

Source: Peter's Pearls, www.peterspearls.com.au


In Fairfax County, Virginia, Judge Donald McDonough usually handles landlord-tenant disputes in his courtroom on Fridays. A typical Friday will see him judging over 150 cases, one right after the other. However, on Friday, June 9, 2000, at 10 a.m., McDonough's courtroom came to an abrupt halt.

Standing before him was a middle-aged deaf couple, who owed $250 in back rent. Their landlord was attempting to evict them, and was insisting on a judgment in his favor. But seeing the couple got to McDonough.

He abruptly left the courtroom, something he had never done before. He returned a minute later with two crisp $100 bills and a $50 bill in his hand.

McDonough announced, "Consider it paid," as he handed the money to the landlord's stunned attorney.

-Rocky Henriques

Source: The Timothy Report, Copyright (c) 2000 Swan Lake Communications, www.swanlake.twoffice.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Part 1 of 6 [2001: 1-15, 2-5, 2-26, 3-16, 4-6, 4- 26]

After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour before getting out of the water?

If white wine goes with fish, do white grapes go with sushi?

Instead of talking to your plants, if you yelled at them would they still grow, but only to be troubled and insecure?

Is there another word for synonym?

Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice"?

Just before someone gets nervous, do they experience cocoons in their stomach?

When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their picket signs?

When you open a new bag of cotton balls, is the top one meant to be thrown away?

Why do they report power outages on TV?

Why are builders afraid to have a 13th floor but book publishers aren't afraid to have a Chapter 11?

Is there a Dr. Salt?

Submitted by Jackson Girl, Joshua, Cyn MacGregor, Wendell Calkins, Les Pourciau, John Stone


Little Johnny was eating breakfast one morning and got to thinking about things. "Mommy, mommy, why has daddy got so few hairs on his head?" he asked his mother.

"He thinks a lot," replied his mother, pleased with herself for coming up with a good answer to her husband's baldness.

Or she was until Johnny thought for a second and asked, "So why do you have so much hair?"

Source: Sermon Fodder, Sermon_Fodder-subscribe@onelist.com

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

How do solar cells turn light into electricity?

Solar cells (also called photovoltaic cells) are able to capture some of the energy in sunlight and turn it into a voltage difference that can drive an electric circuit.

When a photon (particle of light) strikes one of the atoms in the surface of a solar cell, it may knock an electron off of the atom, leaving the atom with a positive charge. The freed electron flies away, carrying the photon's energy.

Because of the pattern of impurities in the solar cell, electrons move much more easily in one direction than in the opposite direction. The electrons freed by the light collect on one side of the cell, developing a negative charge there while the other side develops a positive charge.

More detailed explanations of solar cells:
http://www3.umassd.edu/P ublic/Exhibit/enl600/assign6.html

Source: The Learning Kingdom, Copyright (c) 2000, www.tlk-lists.com/join

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