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WITandWISDOM(tm) - February 7, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance. - Confucius

Submitted by Braxton Hagele


Second of Two Stories Part 2 of 2 [Feb 6, 7 ]

There was a man in Chicago called Easy Eddie. At that time, Al Capone virtually owned the city. Capone wasn't famous for anything heroic.

His exploits were anything but praise worthy. He was, however, notorious for enmeshing the city of Chicago in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder.

Easy Eddie was Capone's lawyer and for a good reason. He was very good! In fact, his skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. To show his appreciation, Capone paid him very well. Not only was the money big, Eddie got special dividends. For instance, he and his family occupied a fenced in mansion with live-in help and all of the conveniences of the day. The estate was so large that it filled an entire Chicago City block. Yes, Eddie lived the high life of the Chicago mob and gave little consideration to the atrocity that went on around him.

Eddy did have one soft spot, however. He had a son that he loved dearly. Eddy saw to it that his young son had the best of everything; clothes, cars, and a good education. Nothing was withheld. Price was no object. And, despite his involvement with organized crime, Eddie even tried to teach him right from wrong. Yes, Eddie tried to teach his son to rise above his own sordid life. He wanted him to be a better man than he was.

Yet, with all his wealth and influence, there were two things that Eddie couldn't give his son. Two things that Eddie sacrificed to the Capone mob that he could not pass on to his beloved son . . . a good name and a good example. One day, Easy Eddie reached a difficult decision. Offering his son a good name was far more important than all the riches he could lavish on him.

He had to rectify all the wrong that he had done. He would go to the authorities and tell the truth about Scar-face Al Capone. He would try to clean up his tarnished name and offer his son some semblance of integrity.

To do this he must testify against the Mob, and he knew that the cost would be great. But more than anything, he wanted to be an example to his son. He wanted to do to make restoration and hopefully have a good name to leave his son. So, he testified.

Within the year, Easy Eddie's life ended in a blaze of gunfire on a lonely Chicago Street. He had given his son the greatest gift he had to offer at the greatest price he would ever pay.

What do these two stories have to do with each other?

Butch O'Hare was Easy Eddie's son.

And that, as they say, is the rest of the story . . .

From "Fateful Rendezvous: The Life of Butch O'Hare" by Steve Ewing and John B. Lundstrom, Copyright (c) 1997 available at Amazon.com

Note: There is some question regarding the details of the air battle involving Butch O'Hare. An alternate version can be found at http://www.aviation-history.com/airmen/ohare.htm

Submitted by Marjorie Cate

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Vice Presidents and personnel directors of the one hundred largest corporations were asked to list the "most unusual" questions that have been asked by job candidates.

"What is it that you people do at this company?"

"What is the company motto?"

"Why aren't you in a more interesting business?"

"What are the zodiac signs of all the board members?"

"Why do you want references?"

"Do I have to dress for the next interview?"

"I know this is off the subject, but will you marry me?"

"Will the company move my rock collection from California to Maryland?"

"Will the company pay to relocate my horse?"

"Does your health insurance cover pets?"

"Would it be a problem if I'm angry most of the time?"

"Does your company have a policy regarding concealed weapons?"

"Do you think the company would be willing to lower my pay?"

"Why am I here?"

Shared by Homer


Mother decided that 10-year-old Cathy should get something 'practical' for her birthday.

"Suppose we open a savings account for you?" mother suggested. Cathy was delighted. It's your account, darling," mother said as they arrived at the bank, "so you fill out the application."

Cathy was doing fine until she came to the space for 'Name of your former bank.' After a slight hesitation, she put down 'Piggy.'

Source: Monday Fodder dgaufaaa@iohk.com?subject=Subscribe_Monday_Fodder

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Part 1 of 2 [Feb 7, 9 ]

Most animals have a daily pattern of rest and activity. Some animals are more active during the day (diurnal) and some are more active during the night (nocturnal). How much time do animals spend sleeping? Well, it depends on the animal:

Species - Average Total - Average Total
Sleep Time Sleep Time
(% of 24 hr) (Hours/day)

Brown Bat - 82.9% - 19.9 hr

Giant Armadillo - 75.4% - 18.1 hr

North American Opossum - 75% - 18 hr

Python - 75% - 18 hr

Owl Monkey - 70.8% - 17.0 hr

Human (infant) - 66.7% - 16 hr

Tiger - 65.8% - 15.8 hr

Tree shrew - 65.8% - 15.8 hr

Squirrel - 62% - 14.9 hr

Western Toad - 60.8% - 14.6 hr

Three-toed Sloth - 60% - 14.4 hr

Golden Hamster - 59.6% - 14.3 hr

Lion - 56.3% - 13.5 hr

Gerbil - 54.4% - 13.1 hr

Rat - 52.4% - 12.6 hr

Cat - 50.6% - 12.1 hr

Cheetah - 50.6% - 12.1 hr

Mouse - 50.3% - 12.1 hr

Rhesus Monkey - 49.2% - 11.8 hr

Rabbit - 47.5% - 11.4 hr

Jaguar - 45% - 10.8 hr

Source: Dr. Eric H. Chudler http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chasleep.html

Submitted by Stanislav Rabinovich

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