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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 3, 2001

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Good leaders take at least a little more than their share of blame, and a lot less than their share of credit.

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Church Members Given $100 Each

About 100 members of Campus Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, Calif., each left a recent Saturday service with a $100 bill, and a chance to "put that money where their faith is."

Drawing from a biblical account called the Parable of the Talents, From Matthew 25, Rev. Hyveth Williams offered $100 to anyone present who promised to invest the money and return with their earnings to the church on Aug. 18. "We're using money that's God's money, by people who want to see God do a miracle for this congregation," the pastor said. "Even though it is about money, this is also about faithfulness ... More than anything else, God wants to see the courage it will take to go through with this," she concluded.

An anonymous church member's donation of $10,000 spurred the "giveaway." Biblical historians say the symbolism behind the parable is simple: Jesus gives all Christians certain "talents" to do well with, during their time on earth. Those who make good with their talents will be rewarded in heaven.

By Louis Rom, The Press-Enterprise, Loma Linda:

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LAWS OF LIFE 1 of 2 [May 3, 15]

Murphy's First Law for Wives: If you ask your husband to pick up five items at the store and then you add one more as an afterthought, he will forget two of the first five.

Lampner's Law of Employment: When leaving work late, you will go unnoticed. When you leave work early, you will meet the boss in the parking lot.

The Grocery Bag Law: The candy bar you planned to eat on the way home from the market is hidden at the bottom of the grocery bag.

Yeager's Law: Washing machines break down only during the wash cycle. Corollary: All breakdowns occur on the plumber's day off.

Law of the Search: The first place to look for anything is the last place you would expect to find it. Corollary: It will not be in the last place you expect to find it.

Isaac's Strange Rule of Staleness: Any food that starts out hard will soften when stale. Any food that starts out soft will harden when stale.

The Salary Axiom: The pay raise is just large enough to increase your taxes and just small enough to have no effect on your take-home pay.

Miller's Law of Insurance: Insurance covers everything except what happens.

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I was commuting by subway from the Borough of Queens to my job in Manhattan. I'd finished reading the morning paper and was saving it to bring to friends on the job. How do you save a newspaper on the subway? You sit on it. A new commuter came in, saw the newspaper under my rear and asked a very interesting question, "Are you reading that paper?" I stood up, turned the page, sat down on the paper and answered, "Yes." - Author Unknown

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How does a Thermos keep soup hot?

Examine a broken Thermos and you will see that it is really two glass containers, one inside the other. A Thermos works by reducing the rate of heat transfer from the hot contents to the cooler atmosphere. Three routes transfer heat. The first is conduction. Hold a metal rod in a fire long enough and it will soon become too hot to hold. This is because metals are good conductors of heat. Non-metals, such as wood, plastics and glass are poor conductors. A Thermos container is made of glass to prevent heat loss by conduction.

The second form of heat transfer is by convection. A convection heater warms a room by causing warm air to move to all parts of a room. In a Thermos, the space between the inner and the outer container has all air evacuated (a vacuum) to prevent heat loss by convection. No air means no convection.

The third form of heat transfer is by radiation. Stand near a bonfire and you may have to shield your face with your hand, because heat reaches you by radiation. Black objects radiate heat better than shiny objects. The outer wall of the inner Thermos container is silvered to reduce heat loss by radiation. By the way, a Thermos will keep a drink cold as effectively as it keeps soup hot.

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