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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 14, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

There is nothing as strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength. - Ralph W. Cockman

Source: Bits & Pieces, July 25, 1992, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., http://www.epinc.com


A Pastor and his wife needed to fly to several cities, so to make the itinerary easy, they chose to fly with the same airline. This turned several 50 minute flights into 4 hour flights because of the layovers due to infrequent connecting flights.

In the midst of one of these layovers, the wife went up to the counter to get their boarding passes. After reaching the counter, she turned to her husband and said, "Honey, they need to see our ID's."

"Why," he responded "they checked them when we entered the terminal." When she called back to him that it was the regulations, he barked, "Well, that's Dumb!" Right then he heard the Lord say to him, "Now, that was dumb." After this, the Pastor argued with God about apologizing for about 15 minutes.

Finally he went up to the counter and asked for forgiveness before boarding the airplane. "We get yelled at a lot, but no one's ever come up and asked for forgiveness before." Said the surprised woman behind the counter. After boarding the plane and taking their seats toward the rear of the plane, a stewardess came up to the Pastor and his wife and informed them that they were in the wrong seats. She brought them up and seated them in First Class.

The woman behind the counter had moved their seats because of the heartfelt apology.

By Pastor Fred Rabinovitz
Congregation Lion of Judah (Olympia, WA)
Home: 5545 Thane LN SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

Source: Sermon Fodder, Sermon_Fodder-subscribe@onelist.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

A Company hired a management consultant to appraise the personnel efficiency reports made out by their managers and supervisors. The consultant expected the reports to be dull going, but found to his surprise that they contained a good deal of intentional - and unintentional - humor. Here are a few examples . . .

This foreman has talents but has kept them well hidden.

Can express a sentence in two paragraphs any time.

A quiet, reticent manager. Industrious, tenacious, careful, and neat. I do not wish to have this woman as a member of my department under any circumstances.

In any change in policy or procedure, he can be relied upon to produce the improbable, hypothetical situation in which the new policy cannot work.

Needs careful watching since he borders on the brilliant.

Open to suggestions but never follows them. Is keenly analytical, and his highly developed mentality could best be utilized in research and development. He lacks common sense.

Never makes the same mistake twice but it seems to me he has made them all once.

Source: Bits & Pieces, November 12, 1992, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., http://www.epinc.com


At a grocery checkout counter, my father was sorting through various currencies, searching for US dollars to pay for his purchases.

"Looking at all that foreign money," the cashier said. "I bet you're going over seas."

"I'm an airlines pilot" Dad explained. "I frequently fly to the Orient."

"Oooo, a pilot! That must be exciting!"

"Not if you do it right," replied my father."

Source: The Funnies, andychaps_the- funnies-subscribe@egroups.com

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:


The home of the world's worst recorded weather lies within a day's drive of nearly 70 million Americans. That's a fact from the Mount Washington Observatory, a weather research station perched atop New Hampshire's - and the Northeast's - highest peak. The world's highest surface wind speed, 231 mph, was recorded here in 1934, the same year the observatory reached a low of 47 degrees below zero, a state record.

The observatory's Web site is a treasure for fans of weather and the outdoors. View the stunning photo gallery, read about tragic encounters with the mountain's dangerous climate and get current views of the summit by using the homepage's Summit Cam. If you have a burning question about weather, you can ask the weather specialist via e-mail and receive a response within, a few days. - By Keith Wagner

Mount Washington Observatory

Source: ACCESS, America's Guide to the Internet, Copyright (c) April 01, 2001, http://www.accessmagazine.com

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