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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 15, 2001

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Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? - Coleman Cox


Romana Banuelos was married in Mexico when she was sixteen years old. By the time she was eighteen, she had two children, got divorced, and was working in an El Paso laundry.

Barely scraping by, she followed an aunt to Los Angeles where she arrived with her last seven dollars. A job washing dishes provided the income and the training for her to take her savings of $400 and buy a small tortilla business.

Today, Romana's Mexican Food Products is one of the largest Mexican food concerns in the nation.

Her leadership in California's Mexican-American community led to her being one of the founders of the Pan-American National Bank in Los Angeles. With the bank's outstanding success came her appointment as the thirty-fourth Treasurer of the United States of America during the Nixon administration.

By Tom Polick

Source: Bits & Pieces, April 30, 1992, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc., http://www.epinc.com

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LAWS OF LIFE 2 of 2 [May 3, 15]

Lerman's Law of Technology: Any technical problem can be overcome given enough time and money. Corollary: You are never given enough time or money.

Kauffman's Paradox of the Corporation: The less important you are to the corporation, the more your tardiness or absence is noticed.

First Law of Living: As soon as you start doing what you always wanted to be doing, you'll want to be doing something else.

Weiner's Law of Libraries: There are no answers, only cross-references.

Kenny's Law of Auto Repair: The part requiring the most consistent repair or replacement will be housed in the most inaccessible location.

Second Law of Business Meetings: If there are two possible ways to spell a person's name, you will pick the wrong one. Corollary - If there is only one way to spell a name, you will spell it wrong anyway.

Quile's Consultation Law: The job that pays the most will be offered when there is no time to deliver the services.

Loftus' Law: Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who wrote the book or even which book it is.

Lovka's Dilemma: You never get away, you only get someplace else.

Compiled by Owner of Laugh-A-Lot.com

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A flying saucer was low on fuel, so it landed by a gas station on a lonely country road.

On its side were the letters "UFO." The gas station attendant was stunned, but his curiosity got the best of him.

"Does that stand for Unidentified Flying Object?" he asked.

"No," one of the other-worldly travelers responds, "It stands for "Unleaded Fuel Only."

Source: Clean Laffs http://www.shagmail.com/sub/sub-jokes.html

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Small flat icebergs have been fitted with sails and piloted more than 2,400 miles from the Antarctic to Valparaiso, Chile, and to Cakkaiub, Peru.

Source: Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts by Isaac Asimov, Published by Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated, Sep 1991, ISBN: 0517065037 http://isbn.nu/0517065037/price

Submitted by Ward Batty

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