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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 31, 2001

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

All empty souls tend to extreme opinion. - William Butler Yeats


Sparky didn't have much going for him. He failed every subject in the eighth grade, and in high school, he flunked Latin, algebra, English, and physics. He made the golf team, but promptly lost the only important match of the season, and then lost the consolation match. He was awkward socially - more shy than disliked. He never once asked a girl to go out on a date in high school.

One thing, however, was important to Sparky - drawing. He was proud of his artwork even though no one else appreciated it. He submitted cartoons to the editors of his high school yearbook, but they were turned down. Even so, Sparky aspired to be an artist. After high school, he sent samples of his artwork to the Walt Disney Studios. Again, he was turned down.

Still, Sparky didn't quit packing his suitcase! He decided to write his own autobiography in cartoons. The character he created became famous worldwide -- the subject not only of cartoon strips but countless books, television shows, and licensing opportunities. Sparky, you see, was Charles Schulz, creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip. Like his character, Charlie Brown, Schulz may not have been able to do many things. But, he make the most of what he could do!

Source: God's Little Devotional Book, by Honor Books Publishing Staff, Published by Honor Books (c) June 1995, ISBN: 1562920960, http://isbn.nu/1562920960/price

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Part 2 of 2 [Aug 21, 31]

Here lies my wife,
I bid her goodbye.
She rests in peace
and now so do I.

Here lies Henry Blake
He stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake.

Here lies John Yeast,
Pardon him for not rising.

Here I lie
And no wonder I'm dead,
For the wheel of a semi
Went over my head.

Here lies Lester More.
No Les no more ...

Source: Have a Nice Day


Our minister announced that admission to a church social event would be six dollars per person. "However, if you're over 65," he said, "the price will be only $5.50."

From the back of the congregation, a woman's voice rang out, "Do you really think I'd give you that information for only 50 cents?"

Source: Gentle Humor, words@iop.com?subject=Subscribe

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Social psychologist Larry Scherwitz at the Medical Research Institute of San Francisco discovered that there is a link between self-centered behavior and heart disease. Scherwitz reports, "The people who referred to themselves using pronouns 'I, me, and my' most often in an interview (who were talking about themselves the most) were more likely to develop coronary heart disease, even when other health-threatening behaviors were controlled."

By Neil Eskelin in Neil Eskelin's Daily Jump Start(tm), Copyright (c) 2001, http://www.neileskelin.com

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