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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 28, 2002
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"One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention." -- Jim Rohn

Source: Quotes From The Masters, http://MailRoom.DailyInbox.Com/


I had been doing some shopping at our local supermarket. Our supermarkets are in townships. This is Kariba. We are in the heart are poverty at best. Zimbabwe is going through a tough time.

This particular day my ten year old son was with me. We came out of the shop and as usual there were people hanging around. One in particular caught his eye. She was an elderly woman, who was not usually there. She was blind. He noticed her begging bowl was empty, and asked me why. How do you answer that? He then asked me if he could give her something, I had a $5.00 note and gave that to him. "Mum, how is she going to know what it is?" I told him to put it in her hand and tell her what it was.

There were plenty of people around, and watching more out of idle curiosity than anything else. He got down to the woman's level, took her hand, placed the money it, and told her what it was. Then he stood back and came to me. We watched for a bit. Her face lit up with a brilliant smile. You did not notice she was blind. The best part happened next. Several of the people, a lot of them African youths, (who normally don't bother with beggars), began emptying the change out of their pockets into this lady's bowl! I was so impressed about this, I had a big grin on my face for hours. My child, who felt something for this woman's plight, led by example. The best part was that not only was the woman blessed, but so were we. The youth and other people who gave to her (enough to fill her little bowl) walked away with smiles too.

What I learned from all this, is that we have to sometimes look at things with a childlike point of view. They do not complicate with "what if" or "but", they just do. I have not seen this woman again. I think she was there for a special reason to show the blessing of giving.

God bless you always'
Debby H.

Source: A Joke a Day http://www.topica.com/lists/ajokeaday7

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How to speak as a native from the southern United States
(We love you and hope you can understand us. :o)
Part 4 of 4 [August 7, 14, 21, 28]

Rah cheer - I was born rah cheer in town

Rainch - A big cow farm

Rat - Do it rat now!

Rench - rench the soap yourself

Roont - She plum roont her shoes

Salary - A stringy vegetable

Soardeens - small canned fish

Shar - A light rain

Gully Worsher - a medium heavy rain

Toad strangler - A heavy rain Sody

Pop - a soft drink

Sprang - Water out'n the ground

Shurf - The Shurf put Clem in jail

Storch - this here aprn has to much storch in it

Skeered - that plumb skeered me to death

Thanks - He shore thanks he's smart

Tho -tho me the ball

Thoat - I shore got a sore thoat

War - a bobbed war fance

Worsh - go worsh your face

Warter - what you worsh your face in

Yurp - a continent overseas

Source: Colorado Comments, http://coloradocomments.com/


Some say fleas are black.
But I know that's not so.
'Cause Mary had a little lamb
With fleas as white as snow.

Source: Gentle Humor, mailto:words@netcarrier.com?subject=GHSubscribe

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