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WITandWISDOM(tm) - September 20, 2002
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?" - Jim Rohn

Source: Quotes From The Masters, http://MailRoom.DailyInbox.Com/


During the worst days of the Civil War, Stanton, Secretary of War, said to Lincoln: "I don't see why it is that you are so calm. When everything is going wrong, our generals are losing battles, and we can hear the thunder of guns here in Washington, you seem to keep calm and poised. How do you do it?"

"Well, it's like this, Stanton," Mr. Lincoln replied. "When you feel you are only a pipe for Omnipotence to sound through, you do not worry very much."

By A. L. Bietz

Source: Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) November 1960, Pacific Press, http://www.signstimes.com

Submitted by Dale Galusha

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

A depressed, overweight, single man came to a pastor because he couldn't lose weight or find a date. The pastor said, "I can help you. At 8:00 in the morning, be ready to exercise."

"I've tried all the exercise programs around, and they don't work," the man replied.

"Just be there at 8:00. This one works."

The man was ready at 8:00 the next morning. When the doorbell rang, he went to the door and a gorgeous woman in an exercise suit said, "The pastor told me to tell you that if you can catch me, you can marry me." And then she took off. He was so overweight he couldn't catch her. The routine continued every day for the next three months. He lost about 50 pounds.

The morning after he'd lost the 50th pound, he was a lean, mean, running machine. He knew today was the day he'd catch her. He was ready before 8:00 and couldn't wait for the doorbell to ring. When it rang, he ran to the door and jerked it open - just in time to see the biggest woman he'd ever seen dressed in a jogging suit standing at the door.

"The pastor told me to tell you that if I can catch you, I can marry you." Last I heard, the guy was still running.

By Charles Lowery is pastor of Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mailto:Pwr4Living@aol.com

Excerpted from Rev. magazine. Subscribe here:

Submitted by Kiri Christina Hyatt


"I'm for abolishing and doing away with redundancy." - J. Curtis McKay, Wisconsin State Elections Board

Source: The Pastor's Weekly Briefing, http://www.family.org/pastor/pwbeform.cfm

Submitted by Kiri Christina Hyatt

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Irene Box Anderson of Sulligent, Ala., has taught the first- and second-grade Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Sulligent, Ala. for more than 43 years without missing a Sunday. "I don't do it to show off, and it's not a duty." said the 73-year-old Anderson, who even rescheduled surgery to keep from missing her class.

Source: The Pastor's Weekly Briefing, http://www.family.org/pastor/pwbeform.cfm

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