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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 7, 2002
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We are all pencils in the hand of God. - Mother Theresa

Submitted Alice Bryan


By Steve Goodier 2002

"Grandpa," a young girl asked, "were you in the ark with Noah?"

"Certainly not, my dear," Grandpa replied in astonishment.

"Then," the puzzled child continued, "why weren't you drowned?"

Maybe he seemed older than Noah to her, but seniors may be finally getting respect they rightfully deserve. Hugh Downs reported that when senior adults are properly motivated, their intelligence does not wane. In fact, the ability to organize thinking may increase as folks age. Many people in their 50's, 60's and even 70's can go through college with greater efficiency than at 18.

Adults over 70 years of age have contributed richly and in varied

- Emmanuel Kant wrote his finest philosophical works at age 74.

- Verdi at 80 produced "Falstaff" and at 85, "Ave Maria."

- Goethe was 80 when he completed "Faust."

- Tennyson was 80 when he wrote "Crossing the Bar."

- Michelangelo completed his greatest work at 87.

- At 90, Justice Holmes was still writing brilliant American Supreme Court opinions.

And then there's George Dawson. George learned to read at age 98. (He was forced to quit school when he was a small child in order to help support his family.) "I got tired of writing my name with an 'X,'" he said. Four years later, at age 102, he wrote his autobiography, LIFE IS SO GOOD, published by Random House, http://isbn.nu/0141001682/

Dreams are renewable. They need not expire like an over-due library book. No matter our age, we can breathe new life into old dreams. I believe that the best age is the age you are, but something even better awaits just ahead for those with the courage to dream and to act.

Are you renewing your dreams?

By Steve Goodier mailto:Publisher@LifeSupportSyst em.com is a professional speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life, Love and Laughter at http://LifeSupportSystem.com. Get his eBook on the healing power of humor, "Laughing All the Way," ( a $4.95 value) for FREE -- a valuable gift for new subscribers!

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Dear Ann Landers

Sum won tolled me wee wood knot knead two learn how too spell because computers wood dew it four us. Eye disagree. Dew ewe?

Ann Landers's response:

Ewe our write. thank ewe four a good clothes look at what "progress" has dun fore education.

Source: HUMOR Digest


I've always ordered beverages one simple way - "A Coke, please."

Lately, though, this hasn't seemed to work. Waitresses now often respond, "I'm sorry, we don't have Coke. We have Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Mr. Pibb, Fanta ,Yahoo and Red Bull."

Tired of listening to the long list of soft drinks, I thought I'd make life easier. So one day I simply asked the snack bar lad at a movie theater for a "dark, cold, carbonated beverage."

The young man behind the counter chuckled and asked, "Ok. But, sir, would you like a long, thin, cylindrical plastic sucking device with that?

Source: The Funnies, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/andychaps_the-funnies

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Part 1 of 2 [Oct 7, 8]

What You Can Do To Avoid Being A Victim

"I.D. thieves," as they are called, have become even more sophisticated in their efforts to steal your good name. Here are some basic guidelines to help protect your identification.

Do not carry Social Security or health Insurance cards.

There are only a few occasions when you need to show your social security card, such as applying for Social Security benefits or filling out an I-9 form from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Otherwise never carry your Social Security card in your wallet or purse. Carry a photocopy of your health insurance card, in case of an emergency, with the Social Security number blocked out.

Refuse to give out your Social Security number.

Many businesses ask for your Social Security number but seldom do you need to give them that information. Occasionally you may be required to give your social security number, such as in completing a hospital admission form.

Remove your name from credit card company lists.

Take your name off pre-approved credit card lists by calling this telephone number: (888)567-8688. However, the information you give over the telephone only lasts for two years. For a permanent removal you must submit it in writing to the address given at this same telephone number or to: Direct Marketing Association, Mail Preference Service, P 0 Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735.

Check all bills and statements

Check all statements to make sure that every item is something your family purchased. A great defense is to purchase a shredder (usual cost about $35) and shred all mail that contains important personal information, particularly credit card offers with your name and address on them and cash-advance checks. (This also avoids the temptation to acquire more debt.)

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Submitted by Thurman Petty

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