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WITandWISDOM(tm) - February 20, 2003
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"Wherever you are - be all there." Jim Elliot

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One Sunday my wife and I noticed an announcement in the church bulletin about a men's missions trip to Honduras. Through God's providence, I went on the trip. Upon my return home, I told my wife that we should pray about going to Bible college and entering Christian ministry. She began to cry and said that while I was gone, she had prayed for God to give me direction. When I went back to work, I received word that my department was being dissolved. That evening I asked my wife, "How strong is your faith?" She simply smiled, "You were laid off, weren't you?" Needless to say, we are serving God as missionaries to Honduras today.

Tyson Chastain, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Source: Focus on the Family - November 2002, http://www.family.org

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Biblical Bumper Snickers

Adam: "You are what you eat."

Eve: "He doesn't compare me to his mother."

Abraham: "I'm goin' not knowin'. "

Noah: "Honk if you believe in treading water."

Moses: "From a basket case to the promise land."

Elijah: "When Jezebel isn't happy, nobody's happy."

Balaam: "My second donkey talks!"

Prodigal Son: "All roads lead to home."

At the Sinai desert: "Winding road next 40 years"

At the Red Sea: "Caution! Subject to sudden flooding"

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A research team proceeded towards the apex of a natural geologic protuberance, the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride of oxygen in a large vessel, the exact size of which was unspecified.

One member of the team precipitously descended, sustaining severe damage to the upper cranial portion of his anatomical structure; subsequently the second member of the team performed a self-rotational translation oriented in the same direction taken by the first team member.

In simple English what does this translate to??

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

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Pump Up to Slim Down

For years we have known that changes in hormones, immune function, and other factors depress resting metabolism as people age. New research confirms that we lose high-energy-consuming muscle cells as we get older. For five years scientists measured body composition and resting metabolic rates of healthy persons from age 18 to 87. The researchers found a direct association between metabolism and lean muscle mass. This explains why older people burn few calories at rest, leading to creeping weight gain. But the researchers emphasized that decreasing metabolic rate can be regained by regularly lifting weights. - Journal of Gerontology

Source: Vibrant Life, http://www.vibrantlife.com/

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

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