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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 26, 2003
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

You will never reach your potential until your priorities become habitual.

Submitted by Walt Groff


Words of Wisdom
Part 1 of 2 [Mar 26, 27]
By Fred Rogers, TV's Mr. Rogers
From a Speech at Marquette University - May 20, 2001

Early in the morning of every work day, before I even get to my office, I see someone who influences me greatly. This person has a job which many people might consider unglamourous and tediously mundane. He's the locker room attendant in Pittsburgh where I swim each day. His name is Jeff. We recently celebrated Jeff's 25th anniversary working at the pool - 25 years cleaning sinks and sorting towels and caring about everybody. For his anniversary, some of us regulars got him a cake and a book about New York because Jeff loves New York.

"Honk, honk, honk," he says when he talks about it, and he loves to watch the "Today Show" with people lined up on the streets around Rockefeller Plaza. Well, a few weeks ago, I told Jeff about writing this commencement speech, and I asked him what he thought I should say. "Tell them to be glad of who they are. They might get to be president or a teacher or a doctor or just themselves whoever they are. Everybody can do something." And he went right back to scrubbing the showers.

"Blessed are the pure in heart . . .," to appreciate our life - and do what we can so others might appreciate theirs.

Submitted by Thurman Petty

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Below are funny quotes by famous people, or at least sorta-funny quotes sorta-famous people. Can you correctly identify the source?

1) The Russians love Brooke Shields because her eyebrows remind them of Leonid Brezhnev.
a. Robin Williams b. Yakov Smirnoff c. Rodney Dangerfield

2) Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches.
a. Roseanne Barr b. Drew Carrey c. Jim Carey

3) The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.
a. Woody Allen b. Alfred Hitchcock c. Virginia Woolf

4) USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population.
a. Jay Leno b. David Letterman c. Conan O'brien

5) I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom.
a. Bob Hope b. Fred Astaire c. Ginger Rogers

6) All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.
a. Ted Nugent b. Rob Thomas c. Frank Zappa

7) This is the sixth book I've written, which isn't bad for a guy who's only read two.
a. Howard Stern b. Oscar Wilde c. George Burns

8) My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher.
a. Plato b. Socrates c. Confucious

9) The covers of this book are too far apart.
a. Ambrose Bierce b. Steven Wright c. Emo Phillips

For those of you scoring along:

9 correct: You are a computer, therefore you're disqualified.
5-8 correct: You're smarter than the average bear, Yogi.
1-4 correct: Tell me the truth, did you actually "know" any of these?
0 correct: You have a life! ... but you stink at guessing. :o)

Here are the answers:

1) a-Robin Williams
2) c-Jim Carey
3) b-Alfred Hitchcock
4) b-David Letterman
5) a-Bob Hope
6) c-Frank Zappa
7) c-George Burns
8) b-Socrates
9) a-Ambrose Bierce

Source: The Internet Tutor http://www.shagmail.com/sub/sub-tutor.html
Copyright 2003 Boogie Jack and Shagmail


While I was preaching in a church in Mississippi, the pastor announced that their prison quartet would be singing the following evening. I wasn't aware there was a prison in the vicinity and I looked forward to hearing them.

The next evening, I was puzzled when four members of the church approached the stage. Then the pastor introduced them.

"This is our prison quartet," he said, "behind a few bars and always looking for the right key."

Source: Monday Fodder mailto:dgaufaaa@iohk.com?subject=Subscribe_Monday_Fodder

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

70.2 million children under age 18 live in the United States. That's 26% of the population. At the end of the baby boom (1964), children under age 18 made up 36% of the population. Experts project that children will remain a stable percentage of the total population, comprising 24% of the population in 2020.

From: http://www.childstats.gov

Source: Pulse Newsletter, http://www.preachingplus.com

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