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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 13, 2003
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people.'' - Oriental Proverb


Word for Today:
You Don't Have to Survive
By Bob Gass

Joseph Ton ran away from his home in communist Romania to study theology at Oxford University. As he was preparing to return after graduation, his friends pointed out to him that he'd probably be arrested on the border. One of them asked, "If you're arrested, what hope do you have of being a preacher or reaching your nation for God?"

That night in prayer Ton asked God about this, and was reminded of Matthew 10:16 NAS, "I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves." He thought, "What chance does a sheep have of surviving the wolves, much less converting them? Yet Jesus sent us out and expected us not only to live in this world, but to win it for Him."

Joseph Ton returned to Romania and preached until the day he was arrested. As he was being interrogated by the Secret Police, he said, "Your supreme weapon is killing, mine is dying. My sermons are all over the country on tapes now. If you kill me, whoever listens to them will say, ‘This must be true. This man sealed his words with his blood.' The tapes will speak ten times louder than before, so go on and kill me. That way I win the supreme victory."

The officer in charge sent him home!

You don't have to survive! When you can accept that you're beyond the reach of the enemy, you're fully available to God, and you enter a level of fruitfulness you never dreamed possible.

From: Word For Today, http://www.ucb.co.uk

Source: Monday Fodder mailto:dgaufaaa@iohk.com?subject=Subscribe_Monday_Fodder

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The case concerned a will and a lawyer was questioning a witness. "Was the deceased," asked the attorney, "In the habit of talking to himself when he was alone?"

"I don't know," said the witness.

"Come on now, you don't know and yet you pretend you were intimately acquainted with the deceased?"

"Well, sir," said the witness, "I never happened to be with him when he was alone."

Source: Absolute Humor, http://absoluterobeo.com


Although we were being married in New Hampshire, I wanted to add a touch of my home state, Kansas, to the wedding. My fiancee, explaining this to a friend, said that we were planning to have wheat rather than rice thrown after the ceremony.

Our friend thought for a moment. Then he said solemnly, "It's a good thing she's not from Idaho."

Contributed to "Life In These United States" by Rhonda Carlson

Source: DailyInBox: Reader's Digest CyberSmiles, http://dailyinbox.com/rd/

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

On an island off the coast of Japan there lives a colony of monkeys. They are macaques (pronounced ma-KAKS) and they originally lived in the forest, rarely, if ever, venturing onto the beach or into the seawater. Then came the scientists who wished to study the monkeys. The scientists placed food on the beach for the monkeys. Eventually the macaques learned to live on the beach, as well as in the woods. But there was a problem.

Naturally there was sand on the beach, and it would stick to the food, and the macaques didn't like eating sand any more than we do. They tried eating around the sand and they tried spitting out the sand, but they could not avoid getting sand in their mouths.

A particularly bright young macaque discovered how to wash sweet potatoes. Eventually other young monkeys followed the example of the first monkey. And when the young macaques grew up and had babies of their own, they taught the youngsters how to wash the sand from their sweet potatoes.

Strangely, however, none of the older macaques ever learned how to wash their food - only the young ones did.

Source: Glimpses of God's Love by James A. Tucker and Priscilla Tucker, Copyright (c) 1983 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, http://isbn.nu/0767904249

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

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