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WITandWISDOM(tm) - July 3, 2003
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I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. - Thomas Jefferson


Moral Dilemma
Part 2 of 2 [Jul 2, 3]

And what of Dirk? He went back onto the ice and rescued the guard - who promptly arrested him. Instead of being miraculously delivered, Dirk returned to jail and not long afterward was burned at the stake, as any cynic might have predicted.

It did not end there, though. The story swept through Holland, and in shame for the killing of that righteous man, the Dutch passed a law that no person should ever again be put to death for his or her religious beliefs. It was the first such law in Europe. Holland became a haven for all kinds of Christian fugitives, including the Puritans, who fled there before taking ship for the New World.

By Jan Charles Haluska

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

He was a good man but a bit stingy. He would bargain and haggle on a price, never paying the price asked. He especially hated paying his medical fees.

One day, while eating fish, a bone became lodged in his throat and within minutes he could scarcely breathe. His wife frantically called the family doctor, who arrived just as the patient's face was turning blue. The physician quickly removed the bone with a pair of forceps.

When he was again breathing normally, although overwhelmed with gratitude to the doctor for saving his life, the doctor's fees were a bit worrisome to him.

Trying his best to keep his costs down, he turned to the good doctor and asked, "How much do I owe you for this small two-minute job?"

The doctor, who knew his patient's miserly habit too well, replied, "Just pay me half of what you would have when the bone was still stuck in your throat!"

Source: Clean Hewmor, http://associate.com/lists.shtml


I was making my daily rounds as a letter carrier when a four-year-old boy ran to his family's mailbox and planted himself squarely in front of it. With his feet spread wide and his arms folded, he told me sternly, "My mom says she just can't take any more bills."

Contributed to "All In a Day's Work" by Ed McGrath

Source: DailyInBox: Reader's Digest CyberSmiles, http://dailyinbox.com/rd/

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Did they Really Say That?

From the diary entry of George III, King of England, July 4, 1776

"Nothing of importance happened today."

Source: Today's Verse and Quote, http://www.net153.com/best.htm

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