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WITandWISDOM(tm) - September 15, 2003
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

We may miss a great deal of joy because we expect it to be unusual, dramatic and spectacular. We are waiting for lights to flash and bells to ring. But the truth is that joy is here, right now, waiting for us to notice it. - Veronica Ray

Submitted by Robbi Mikkola


~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Department stores were holding "white sales" and I decided to go shopping with my children, telling them they could choose one item that had been reduced. I expected them to head immediately for the bargain table at the toy store. The children ran off. A few minutes later they returned and excitedly dragged me past the toy store and toward a pet shop whose owner was holding a small black dog with a large white spot under its chin. The sign in the pet-store window read: "'White Sale.' All Animals With White on Them Will Be Marked Down 15%."

The children got their dog.

Contributed to Reader's Digest "Life In These United States" by Carren Strock

Source: DailyInBox: Reader's Digest CyberSmiles, http://dailyinbox.com/rd/


During an anti-submarine exercise off the Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, British Royal Navy helicopters lowered sonar devices below the surface to listen for the enemy. Nearby, Scottish fishing boats used sonar to help locate their catch. With vessels steaming in every direction and the radio alive with messages, one skipper's voice came through loud and clear: "Ahoy, the navy! If you can find me a good shoal of herring, I'll tell you where your wee submarine is hiding."

Contributed to "Humor In Uniform" by T.J. Stoney

Source: DailyInBox: Reader's Digest CyberSmiles, http://dailyinbox.com/rd/

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Bernard D'Abrera of Australia has a butterfly collection that is one of the largest in the world. He has more than twenty thousand different kinds of butterflies in his collection! Can you imagine that? But that's not all. Not one of his butterflies was killed or is mounted in the usual way of butterfly collections. All of Dr. D'Abrera's butterflies have been captured on film. He is producing a massive five-volume series called Butterflies of the World. He feels that butterflies should be flying free - not pinned in dusty museum trays with the odor of moth balls. What do you think?

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So urce: Glimpses of God's Love by James A. Tucker and Priscilla Tucker, Copyright (c) 1983 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, http://isbn.nu/0828002169

Submitted by Nancy Simpson

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