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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 1, 2003
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There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up. - Booker T. Washington

Source: DailyInBox: Daily Reflections, http://mailroom.dailyinbox.com/dr/


John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was one of our nation's first billionaires.
He was also a devout Baptist.
He believed that the ability to make money was a gift from God to be developed and used to the best of one's ability and for the good of mankind.
He practiced what he preached.
He gave away more than $555 million during his lifetime.
He gave a $1 million gift to the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to get the Annuity Board started.

But Rockefeller did not wait until he became rich to become generous.
He gave a tithe of all he had from the time of his conversion.
He believed he was a steward of all he had.

He taught his family that what they inherited was theirs on a service basis.
And, that money brought a tremendous responsibility as well as a great opportunity.

David Rockefeller said that when he was seven years old he received an allowance of 50 cents a week.
He was taught to save five cents and that the other five cents belonged to the Lord it was his tithe to God.
He said, "Our parents made us feel, from an early age, that we had to contribute, not just take."

Nelson Rockefeller said that his father's creed was,
"Every right implies a responsibility;
every opportunity, an obligation;
every possession, a duty."

Dr Harold L. White

Submitted by P. G. Vargis

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The Evening Light (Renamed the San Antonio Light)
February 10, 1883

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Marriage of Mr. William G. Wurzbach to Miss Ida Meyer Saturday Evening

Rev. H. Wieder, of the German Lutheran church, performed the marriage ceremony Saturday evening last for Mr. William G. Wurzbach, brother of the Hon. Charles Wurzbach, a member of the Legislature, and Miss Ida Meyer, daughter of one of the oldest residents of the city. It took place at the residence of the bride's parents on Blum Steet, and was attended by many friends of the day and the gentleman most intimately concerned. Miss Dora Bruhn, Miss Marle Flecher, Miss Lena Nuetzel and Miss Soffel, and
Messrs. Aug. Hugh, Theo, Walter, Chas. Weisenburg and Chas. Nuetzel acted as attendants.

An enjoyable supper was served, during which toasts were numerous. Following is a list of presents:

Mr. L. Huth & Sdons, a cooking stove with fixtures complete.
Mr. H.A. Huth, a toilet set.
Mr. Theo. Welter, a handsome lamp.
Mr. G. W. Huth and bride, a silver butter dish.
Mr. F. Wagenfuht, a sofa pillow.
Mr. C. L. Wuzbach, a valuable sofa and other furniture.
Messrs. Alex. Uhl, Chas. Neutzelman, Geo. Schreeder, each a large clock.
Messrs. Andrew and Rudolph Froebel, a set of silver forks, knives and spoons.
Mr. A. Zilan, a china toilet set.
Mrs. Geo. Schroeder, a set of glass ware.
Mrs. F. Pasche, a silver castor.
Mr. A. Bauer, a silver pitcher.
J. Koerbel, a bead spread and pot plants.
Miss Dora and Henrietta Bruhn, a china tea set.
Mr. William Herpel, a bed spread.

Mr. John Laager, a substantial home made kitchen safe.
The Misses Weyel, a hand-made rug.
Mr. Charles Weisenberg and bride, a lady's work table.
Mr. Bernhardt, a rocking chair.
Mr. R. Becker, ornamental parlor bracktes.
Mr. George Wagner and wife, a silver dish.

Many of the friends and guests had not brought their presents and the writer was informed that many would be sent to the residence of the bride, on Market street, to-day.

While the guests were all doing duty at the bounteously loaded tables, Eberhardt's city band appeared and enlivened the company with some pleasing music, which added much to the festive occasion. The Light wishes the new couple continued happiness and prosperity.

Submitted by Kiri Christina Hyatt


After harvesting the usual bumper crop of squash last year, I took a half-dozen to the office. I piled them on the table in the break room and posted a sign advertising them as free.

The next day I noticed an addition to my sign. Below "Free Zucchini," someone had written, "Save the whales."

Source: Absolute Humor, http://absoluterobeo.com

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Source: Make a Note, subscribe-make-a-note@hub.thedollarstretcher.com

Submitted by Sherri Rimmer

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