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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 14, 2003
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The person who has no inner life is the slave of their surroundings. - Henri Frederic Amiel


Turtle Recall

Not long ago I was on my way to an appointment when I spotted a turtle in the middle of the highway. The poor creature was somehow turned onto its back and was kicking and clawing in an effort to get back onto its feet. I couldn't stand the thought of driving past, knowing this creature would probably die without my help, so pulling off to the side of the highway, I quickly retrieved the stranded tortoise before racing back to my vehicle.

At first the creature hid within its shell, but quickly emerged, crooking its neck in an effort to bite the very hand that had saved it from death. I remember someone calling them "snapping turtles" when I was a child, and this one sure lived up to its name--gratitude definitely not on its mind when it was snapping at my fingers.

Now I understand that the animal could not have possibly been aware of the full picture. Had it perceived the danger, it surely would not have ventured out onto the hazardous highway. More important, had it known that I was saving its life, it most certainly would never have tried to bite me.

Then I thought of the many instances where the gentle hand of God picked me up when my world had been knocked upside down: times when life seemed unfair and things were not going well; when people I loved were diagnosed with terminal illnesses; when creditors, lawyers and bank officials contacted me more frequently than friends or family. It was during these times that I too snapped at the One who had rescued me.

Source: Mike Collins' E-Column, Mike is a syndicated columnist, broadcaster and author of Christian related material. To subscribe visit: http://www.mikecollins.biz/
or visit his archive at: http://www.mikecollins.biz/archives.htm

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

A carnival, which included a huckster with an elephant, was traveling through a small town. The huckster was offering people $100 if they could make the elephant nod its head up and down. Many people tried, but no one was successful. Finally, a small quiet individual appeared and timidly asked if he could try.

He promptly walked around the elephant and gave it a good swift kick in the backside. The elephant was so surprised, it jerked its head up and down. The little man pocketed his $100 and walked away.

The following year, the same carnival returned, with the same huckster and the same elephant. The huckster had decided to make sure he wouldn't lose any more money in this town, so he offered $500 to anyone who could make the elephant nod its head up and down, then shake it from side to side.

Again, many people tried. They pulled the elephant's ears, pulled its tail, tickled it, etc., but no one was successful. Finally, the same little man appeared and asked if he could try. The huckster was so sure the deed was impossible that he readily agreed.

The little man walked around to the front of the elephant and looked it in the eye.

"Do you remember me?" he asked. The elephant vigorously nodded its head up and down.

"Do you want me to do that again?" he asked. The elephant quickly shook its head from side to side.

The little man pocketed his $500 and walked away, smiling.

Submitted by Sherry Purdy


Why in America do we have a general in charge of the post office, and a secretary in charge of defense?

Source: Marty's Joke of the Day, mailto:martysjotd-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

The dog with the longest ears in the world as recognized by the new 2004 Guiness Book of World Records. The ears of the basset hound, named Mr. Jeffries, measure 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) each. He lives with his owner, Phil Jeffries, in West Sussex, England. For a picture and more about Mr. Jeffries visit:


Source: Peninsula Daily News, September 25, 2003, http://www.peninsuladailynews.com

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