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WITandWISDOM(tm) - December 17, 2003
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum. - Frances Willard (1839-1898) Educator

Source: Bits & Pieces, Copyright (c) Economic Press, Inc http://www2.ragan.com/html/main.isx?sub=226

Submitted by Barbara Henry


I heard a story on the radio of a woman who was out Christmas shopping with her two children. After many hours of looking at row after row of toys and everything else imaginable. And after hours of hearing both her children asking for everything they saw on those many shelves, she finally made it to the elevator with her two kids. She was feeling what so many of us feel during the holiday season time of the year. Overwhelming pressure to go to every party, every housewarming, taste all the holiday food and treats, getting that perfect gift for every single person on our shopping list, making sure we don't forget anyone on our card list, and the pressure of making sure we respond to everyone who sent us a card.

Finally the elevator doors opened and there was already a crowd in the car. She pushed her way into the car and dragged her two kids in with her and all the bags of stuff. When the doors closed she couldn't take it anymore and stated: "Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up and shot."

From the back of the car everyone heard a quiet calm voice respond: "Don't worry we already crucified him."

For the rest of the trip down the elevator it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

Don't forget this year to keep the One who started this whole Christmas thing in your every thought, deed, purchase, and word. If we all did it, just think of how different this whole world would be.

Submitted by Bunni, Sharon Hamel, Rindi Patterson, Molly Rhea . . .

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The guard in Air Force basic training must check the ID of everyone who comes to the door. A trainee was standing guard when he heard a pounding on the door and the order, "Let me in!"

Through the window, he saw the uniform of a lieutenant colonel and immediately opened up. He quickly realized his mistake.

"Airman! Why didn't you check for my authority to enter?"

Thinking fast, the airman replied, "Sir, you'd have gotten in anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Uh,.. the hinges on the door are broken, Sir."

"What? Show me!"

With a twinkle in his eye, the airman opened the door, let the officer step out, and slammed the door.

"Airman! Open up immediately!"

"Sir, may I see your authority to enter?"

The airman was rewarded for outsmarting his commanding officer.

Source: Colorado Comments, http://coloradocomments.com/


There was once a young man who, in his youth, professed his desire to become a great writer.

When asked to define "great" he said, "I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger!"

He now works for Microsoft, writing error messages.

Source: Smile a Day Newsletter (c), http://www.net153.com/best.htm

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

How Identity Theft Works -

The idea that someone can "steal" your identity is very, very unsettling, but it happens every day. A lot of damage can be done in this situation. Learn all about identity theft and what steps you can take to avoid it.


Sour ce: How Stuff Works, http://www.howstuffworks.com

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