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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 21, 2005
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the qualities we possess. - Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard

Source: Carol's Thought for Today, http://www.kalama.com/~carola/


In his leadership newsletter, Stan Toler recently wrote:

"There she stood in the line at the post office, a line that wound its way almost out the front door. A fellow customer spoke to the elderly lady waiting to buy some stamps. "Ma'am, you
must be very tired. Did you know there's a stamp machine over there in the corner?" He pointed to the machine built into the wall.

"Why yes, thank you," the lady replied, "but I'll just wait here a little while longer. I'm getting close to the window."

The customer became insistent. "But it would be so much easier for you to avoid this long line and buy your stamps from the machine."

The woman patted him on the arm and answered, "Oh, I know. But that old machine would never ask me how my grandchildren are doing."

Stan says, "Leaders would be well advised to spend less time on the organizational machinery and more time on the people within the organization. Remember, people will not sweat, invest or risk for an organization. But they will stretch beyond themselves for human connections.”

"People first!"

From Stan Toler's Leadership Letter, http://www.stantoler.com

Source: Pulpit Supply, mailto:pulpit-supply-subscribe@strategicnetwork.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

My accountant father and my artist mother have very different views on balancing a checkbook. Mom usually kept the checkbook, but when Dad retired, he took over all the financial duties. He was really taken aback when he looked over the checkbook and found only dollar amounts recorded. It seems Mom hadn't wanted to deal with any more math than she had to, so she'd eliminated the cents from every check. She'd round up if the partial dollar amounts were 50 cents or more and drop those under 50 cents. Dad feverishly went through stacks of canceled checks and registers, trying to correct her method.

The difference in seven years of dollars only? Sixteen cents.

Source: Pulpit Supply, mailto:pulpit-supply-subscribe@strategicnetwork.org


I decided to stop worrying about my teenage son's driving and take advantage of it.

I got one of those bumper stickers that say, "How's my driving?" and put a 900 number on it.

At 50 cents a call, I've been making $38 a week.

Source: Pulpit Supply, mailto:pulpit-supply-subscribe@strategicnetwork.org

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Thomas Stanley, author of "The Millionaire Mind," interviewed over 1,200 millionaires and discovered some fascinating results. For example, the average person in the study made B's and C's in college -- and the average SAT score was between 1100 and 1190, not good enough to get into many of the top universities.

Source: Neil Eskelin’s Daily Jump Start(tm), Copyright (c) 2001

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