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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 7, 2005
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." Aristotle

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The shabby old man studied the object in his hand. He started toward the door of the Chicago jeweler's shop, then stopped. Fingering the rough-looking stone, he muttered to himself, "Won't hurt to ask. It's been lying around home so long. Might as well find out if it's worth anything." Screwing up his courage, he stepped forward, hesitated, and finally opened the door. The expert jewel cutter smiled, "May I help you?"

"Yes, my father found this red pebble when he was a boy. When I came to the United States, my mother put it in my suitcase. Been lying around the house ever since. The kids played with it. The baby cut its teeth on it. A rat dragged it into a hole, but I found it. Things been mighty rough with us, real hard times. Been tempted to see if it had any value, but kinda hated to part with it. Been in the family so long. Think it might be worth cuttin' and polishin'?"

The expert craftsman studied the stone. It proved to be a flawless, perfect ruby, weighing nearly twenty-four carats, perfect in color and texture, beautiful, clear, full of red fire. "Your pebble is a pigeon's blood ruby worth up to $250,000." For years this old man and his family had struggled with poverty, had gone without, had suffered, when they had on their shelf that which could have changed everything, but they didn't realize its value.

You too have something very valuable in your home. God's promises are a wonderful simplifier of all the problems you'll ever face in life.

Source: Stop, Look and Listen by Eileen E. and Jay H. Lantry, Copyright(c)1976 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, LCCN 75-32229

Submitted by Mary Thayne

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Kid Wisdom

Even though its a cool idea, grape jelly cannot substitute for toothpaste.

If you bring your favorite book into the bathtub with you, it WILL get wet.

Reading what people write on desks can teach you a lot.

Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.

Puppies still have bad breath even after eating tic tacs.

School lunches stick to the wall.

Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

The best place to be when you are sad is in Grandma's lap.

Submitted by Michele


My company, founded in 1932, still has some of its original equipment. The manufacturers of these machines have long since gone out of business, and the maintenance procedures have been passed on by word of mouth. Two of our managers were trying one day to decide how to modify one of our old engines. When neither had any ideas, one said, "I think I'll go and ask one of the old codgers what to do." A little later he returned and slumped into a chair. "I found out," he said "that we are the old codgers."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Tomorrow's Net speeds could be up to 1,600% faster
By David Lieberman, USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO If you think that today's high-speed Internet connections are fast, wait till you see what cable operators plan. The industry's standard-settings unit, CableLabs, plans to endorse this month technology that will let operators boost speeds 400% to 1,600%, over their existing lines.

Motorola and Cisco are among the companies offering alternative methods to increase broadband speeds by linking together the bandwidth used for four or more conventional TV channels. . . .


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