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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 29, 2005
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken." - Warren Buffet

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I was reading a story about Moses when my 3-year-old daughter, Anna, interrupted and asked, "But what about Jesus?"

"Do you like stories about Jesus?" I asked.

"Yeah. He was broken. He got fixed. He's my favorite."

Her bright smile lit up the room. Ah, the gospel according to a child. So simple: Jesus was broken when he died on the cross. He got fixed when he rose again. And he's her favorite.

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Mama gave me THE ultimate bird feeder. It's a handsome thing. Plastic tubing inside a wire cage, about a foot and a half long. I put three kinds of seed inside and hung it on a tree trunk for the tree dwellers. Yesterday morning, just after daylight, I heard the most horrendous racket coming from the front yard. Chattering, shrieking, banging, sounded like the tree in the yard had gone berserk.

A squirrel was stuck inside the feeder. I didn't fill it all the way up, only about a quarter of the way. He/she took the lid off and decided to go for breakfast. When he tried to back out he got hung up by the feeder ports. Like putting your finger in one of those straw Chinese tubes. The more he struggled the more seed fell out the bottom, and the farther in he slid. Man! That feeder was flying around and he looked like a hurricane in a bottle with a fuzzy tornado spinning out the top.

What on earth was I gonna do? I grabbed a towel and ran outside. He saw me coming and set up a racket that had all the neighbor dogs barking and he fought harder to get free. I threw the towel over the feeder and he buzzed and cussed like there was no tomorrow.

I got the feeder down and tried to shake him out the top. No go, he was stuck like Chuck. One of his legs had gotten out a port and was stuck thru the wire cage so I ran the risk of hurting, or breaking, the leg trying to shake him out. Ever so carefully I pushed his foot up and thru the port so all the squirrel was inside and dumped him out on the ground.

It is so quiet here 99% of the time that we can hear each other's TVís and we're all quiet a distance apart. He hit the ground in a ball of furious fur, spun around a couple times, and took off. Just about then, I heard, "Hey, what are you killin' over there? Is it dinner?"

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A client called to report an accident and ask if her insurance rates would go up.

"Our underwriting department determines that", I said.

Then I asked for her license number. Verifying her information, I asked, "NMF? Is that N as in Nancy, M as in Mary, and F as in Frank?"

"Well... yes," she said. "But could you please tell your underwriters that it's also N as in Not, M as in My, and F as in fault?"

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

This interesting website is the work of a man on a mission. The Human Clock brings us images from around the world showing us the current time.

It could be 10:31 in lights from nighttime Waukesha, WI. Or 3:17 carved into a mossy knoll near Inverness, Scotland. You may even spy a pair of 'roos trotting across a 3:04 sign in the land down under.

There is a bunch of creativity packed into this colorful site. People contribute to the site from around the world. Submit a photo of your own and jump into the mix!

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