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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 9, 2005
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No one grows old by living - only by losing interest in living. - Marie Ray

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Children And Angels
By: Joseph J. Mazzella

I have often felt that children are far closer to the angels than we adults are. They seem far more ready to share joy freely and to give love unconditionally to others. They seem to easily know how to celebrate life, laugh, smile, and embrace delight just as God meant for all of us to do. Nothing brought this point home to my heart more clearly than a story a friend of mine recently shared with me about her daughter.

Her daughter while mentally handicapped has a soul that shines brighter than a thousand suns. She loves everyone and is never afraid to express her affection to others. Once when she was at Church with her Mom it came time to give others the sign of peace.
Now most people do this with a handshake or a gentle touch. This little Angel Child, however, wasn't one to hold back on her love. She turned around and gave a sweet, elderly lady next to her a huge hug full of both energy and love.

Later after Church that same lady with tears in her eyes approached the girl's Mom and spoke to her. "My husband just died a week ago", she said. "I felt so alone that I was going to go home and take some pills to end my life today, but now thanks to your little girl I believe that there still is love in this world."

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Playful Plates

These are actual license plates found on cars throughout our country....

ICNCYDU- I see inside you.........a radiologist's plate

HANGMHI Hang 'em high............on a local Superior Court judge's Jaguar. This judge is known for being very no-nonsense

YURNEXT On the car of an undertaker

1DURFOAL Wonderful...........on a Ford Mustang. Foal as in baby horse

GGR OOM On a horse grooming company car

CME4AD8 See me for a date......had to be a young fella, right??

NOT OJS On a white Ford Bronco, seen in Virginia

KPASAMD Que Pasa MD.............What's up Doc?

WUF WUF On a brown Rover

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Mark Twain said this about his own education: "I never considered myself a slow learner. I always felt that teaching just came hard to most of my instructors."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

If you or someone you know is really into aircraft, check out this site.

The folks at Airliners say it is the biggest and most visited aviation site on the Internet. Some 700,000 photographs of airplanes, jets and other airborne devices are viewable.

If you yearn to reminisce, the forum provides a way to find others with similar interests. The site also features aviation news, data and history. It even offers a travel section.

If it has been awhile since you have seen a Hawker Hurricane, don't miss this site.


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