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WITandWISDOM(tm) - June 24, 2005
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Once you have been confronted with a life-and-death situation, trivia no longer matters. Your perspective grows and you live at a deeper level. There's no time for pettiness. - Margaretta (Happy) Rockefeller

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On the first day of school, a teacher was glancing over the roll when she noticed a number after each student's name, such as 154, 136 or 142.

"Wow! Look at these IQs," she said to herself. "What a terrific class." The teacher promptly determined to work harder with this class than with any other she ever had.

Throughout the year, she came up with innovative lessons that she thought would challenge the students, because she didn't want them to get bored with work that was too easy.

Her plan worked! The class outperformed all the other classes that she taught in the usual way.

Then, during the last quarter of the year, she discovered what those numbers after the students' name really were: their locker numbers.

Source: Good Stuff, http://www.pbp.com/gst.html

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Who, What, or Where is this?

I only work when you're sitting down.

I can be put together in a snap.

My length is adjustable.

Despite my name, I don't hold up your chair.

I always sit in your lap when I'm at work.

I am now available for dogs as well as people.

My image is illuminated in airplanes.

I can save lives.

Most cars have at least four of me.

U. S. law requires use of me.

Think you know the answer?

Answer: tleb taes (read from right to left)

Source: Daily Funnies, http://zinester.com/mpb/ml_fs.cgi?topic=25438


For most men there are three stages of hair: parted, unparted and departed.

Submitted by Michele

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Use the new Google map service. Click and hold mouse on map to move it around. Be sure and check out the satellite option. Try entering a zip code in the search bar.


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