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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 5, 2005
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It is true that if we look after others, God will look after us - and do a lot better job of it than we can. - Arthur E. Yensen

Source: Quote Lady's Quote of the Day, mailto:quote-a-day-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


The western heavens were alight with the soft afterglow of the long summer day. The last stirrings of the afternoon sea wind murmured drowsily in the moss-hung maples along the drive. Inside the old house, a small fire burned slowly on the stone hearth, while above it, comfortably set on the wide mantel, the family clock pointed to ten minutes to bedtime.

At his grandmother’s knee, the little man of four was enjoying his evening adventure with pencil and paper. For half an hour the two of them had been drawing figures, letters, numbers, and words. Finally grandmother took the pencil and paper. Carefully she spelled out and wrote down the letters of her grandson’s name—Floyd.

Then, turning the pad, she handed the pencil back to the boy and said, “There! That’s your name. Now you write it. Make each letter just like the one above it. Go ahead. Try.”

The brown-eyed lad looked up into his grandmother’s face with childish perplexity and hesitancy. His eager face twisted into a lovable pattern of self-distrust.

“N-o-o-o-o,” he confessed innocently. “N-o-o-o-o, grandma. I can’t. I can’t do it. My pencil goes wrong. I can’t make it go where it’s supposed to go.”

Lovingly, grandma drew him close. Patiently she put the pencil between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Then, placing her own right hand over his, she drew out the letters, line by line, curve by curve, naming each of the letters in turn.

“There!” she exclaimed when she had finished. “You wrote your name. F-l-o-y-d.”

A look of wonder and joy came into the lad’s face. “I did, grandma? I did? Did I write my name?”

Then the full truth burst upon him and he became exuberant. “I did it! You held my hand and I wrote my name!”

Across the room grandpa had laid his paper aside and was watching and listening. The scene before him was so simple, the lesson it illustrated so profound. Weeks later it was still in his mind.

What we need—indeed, what we must have—is a hand to hold ours as we work out our lines and curves on the page of life.

Are you having trouble with your letters? There is only One who can help you. Why not yield yourself in full surrender to Him today?

By Sanford T. Whitman

Source: Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) December 19, 1956, Pacific Press, http://www.signstimes.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Female Golfing Terms

Chipping - Time to get our nails done again.

Double Bogie - "Casablanca" followed by "African Queen."

Fairway - Splitting the bill when the girls go to lunch.

Greens - Lunch we eat when we'd really love a cheeseburger.

Iron - What guys need to learn to do their own shirts.

Rough - Getting a guy to understand, well, pretty much anything.

Slice - "No thanks. . .just a sliver."

Water Hazard - Giving the kids too much to drink before a road trip.

Submitted by B.B.


The helicopter lost power while flying over a remote Scottish island and was forced to make an emergency landing. Luckily, the pilot saw a small cottage nearby. He walked to it and knocked on the door.

"Is there a mechanic in the area?" he asked the woman who answered the door.

She scratched her head and thought for a few seconds. "Nae," she finally said, pointing down the road, "but we dae hae a MacArdle and a MacKay."

Source: The Lame Humor List, http://absoluterobeo.com

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

G is for Google

When you need to find something on the Internet, you probably refer to Google.com. Most people do.

What you may not know is that Google offers ways to help you find whatever you may be seeking. The site has set up specific pages to help you find local listings, convert currencies, get stock quotes, check the weather and find the status of a flight or package.

Today’s site is a specific page at Google that lists them all. Look at the list of different ways to use Google and you’re bound to find one to save you time.

To visit this site, go here:

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