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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 14, 2005
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The applause of a single human being is of great consequence. – Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709 – 1784

Source: The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time, Edited by John M. Shanahan, Copyright © 1999, http://isbn.nu/0060194111


It was two weeks ago. Dawn had gone to lunch with a friend, and I was home alone. Having been ill from an abdominal infection, I decided to lay down for a brief rest.

Moments later, I began to shiver. And that was followed by violent and uncontrollable shaking.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was confused—not sure whether it would pass quickly or whether I should call 911. When it continued, I reached for the phone. I was shaking so hard, I dropped it, unable to hang on, much less dial the numbers.

As I dropped the phone for the third time, my brother (who happens to be a physician) called me. When he realized what was happening, he said HE would call 911. And the ambulance was here in less than 10 minutes.

The good news is I responded well to my treatment in the ambulance. And by the time I got to the ER, I was breathing much better.

Several hours later, I was released and spent a comfortable night at home.

I'm fine now, but for a few minutes that day, I thought I was about to make my departure. We may not know for sure what it was that caused it. It may have been an anaphylactic shock, but it was more likely a bacterium that entered my bloodstream. I'm just glad I survived it.

I've always said that I'm not afraid to die. But this belief had never been tested before. And I'm glad to say I wasn't fearful about dying.

Unlike what others have said, I didn't see my life pass before my eyes. But I did think about all the things I still want to do, the books I still want to write and the lives I want to touch.

Mostly, I thought about my wife and family and how difficult it would be for them to have to deal with my demise.

Luckily I survived. And this experience caused me to think more about how fragile our time here on earth is and about how things will be left when I do breathe my last.

Is This What it's Like to Die?
By Michael Angier mailto:BeYourBest@SuccessNet.org

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This spot's the sweetest
I've seen in my life
For it raises my flowers
And covers my wife.

Here in this urn
From Malabar
The ashes lie
Of Jonathan Barr:
He sought a higher life afar
And traveled homeward in a jar.

Here lies Ann Mann;
She lived an old maid
But died and old Mann.

Source: Smile a Day Newsletter (c), http://www.net153.com/best.htm


At the day camp where I worked, my group of five- and six-year- olds had built forts from a pile of folding mats. One girl pieced together her "princess castle," stood back to admire it, then invited me in for a cup of tea. I entered carefully, as the walls were precariously balanced against one another. Just as the tea was being poured, the entire structure collapsed around us. The little girl looked up. "Pardon me," she said. "We're renovating."

Submitted by Lorraine

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