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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 26, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Too great haste in paying off an obligation is a kind of ingratitude. – Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, 1613 – 1680

Source: The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time, Edited by John M. Shanahan, Copyright © 1999, http://isbn.nu/0060194111


Her World Had Shattered With The Divorce.

Bills, house payments, health insurance. Her part-time job provided little income and fewer benefits. With no financial support, she had finally lost the house.

At wit's end, Karen managed to rent a cramped camper at the local RV park for herself and five-year-old Joshua. It was only a little better than living out of their car, and she wished with all her heart that she could provide more for her child.

After their evening ritual of giggling over a table game and reading stories, Karen sent her son outside to play until bedtime while she agonized over the checkbook. She glanced out the window when she heard voices.

"Say, Josh, don't you wish you had a real home?" asked the campground manager.

Karen tensed and held her breath as she leaned nearer the open window. Then a smile spread across her face when she heard Joshua's response.

"We already have a real home," he said. "It's just that we don't have a house to put it in."

By Carol McAdoo Rehme (c) 1999 from Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2 by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Marci Shimoff and Carol Kline. In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent. All rights reserved, http://isbn.nu/1558748903

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

You Know You're Rich When...

...the words "On Sale" no longer attract your interest, unless they're referring to a country.

...you forbid your children to shop anywhere without valet parking.

...being frugal means buying “one” diamond bracelet instead of two.

...those survey boxes that ask for your salary make you laugh.

...you have people. As in, "I'll have my people call your people."

...your hardest decision all day is whether to put marble or hardwood floors in your child's tree house.

...your children play Monopoly® with real money.

Source: Mark Mail, http://mrhumor.net/


A husband was in big trouble when he forgot his wedding anniversary.

His wife told him: "Tomorrow there better be something in the driveway for me that goes zero to 200 in 2 seconds flat."

The next morning the wife found a small package in the driveway. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

Funeral arrangements for the husband have been set for Saturday.

Submitted by Submitted by Pastor John L. Bechtel, http://www.tagnet.org/fremont/

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Help With Shortcuts

I love the Windows shortcut keys. They make working on the computer fast and easy. But let's face it; the Windows shortcuts could be improved.

First, it can be difficult to remember the keystrokes. There are quite a few different combinations. And they're not always intuitive.

And then your favorite programs might not have a shortcut key. So your attempts to speed up your work may be foiled.

Well, Qliner Hotkeys solves both these problems. Install the free software. Then, hold down the Windows key for a few seconds to see a cheat sheet with the shortcut keys. To add your own, simply right-click on the keyboard and follow the instructions.


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