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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 6, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"I write when I'm inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning." - Peter de Vries

Source: Weekend Encounter, by Dick Innes, Copyright (c) ACTS International, 2004, http://www.actsweb.org/subscribe.htm


The late Dr. Paul Quillian was the beloved pastor of First Methodist Church of Houston, Texas. In his fifteen years of ministry the church grew from 2500 to 6000. An effort that he called a labor of love. Not many knew that Dr. Quillian as a young man had little thought of ministry and was working in Pine Bluff Arkansas at a bottling plant when his minister paid him a call. His pastor started with the question, "How old are you?"


Quillian's preacher then said, "When you stand finally before the Lord God, what will you tell him you did on earth--made red soda water?"

The young man snapped back, "And what is wrong with red soda water?"

Nothing, my son, except you happen to be endowed with great talents and abilities which I cherish for God and the Christian ministry."

Consequently, the young man went back to school and prepared for the preaching ministry. He itinerated in Arkansas. Finally he was called to the First Church in Houston. He became a wonderful leader for Christ because someone recognized the gifts and talents within him and took a few minutes out of the day to tell him so.

Brett Blair, Sermon Illustrations

Source: Illustrations, http://www.cybersaltlists.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

You know you're a horse person when...

1. You cluck to your car when you go up a hill.

2. Your horse's hair is in better condition than your own.

3. You refer to your car as "my portable tack room."

4. You are excited when your friend tells you that there is a huge sale at the bridle shop, then you are disappointed when you realize they mean the bridal shop.

5. You have the vet's number but not your kid's pediatrician on your speed dial.

6. Your spouse can track dirt into the house all they want, but God help them if they muddy up the tack room.

7. Your house is a mess, but the barn is as neat as a pin.

8. Your nice clothes are the ones without horsehair all over them.

9. You have to go to your friend's wedding in riding clothes because you took too long at the barn.

Submitted by Kiri


One of the British national daily newspapers is asking readers "what it means to be British?" Some of the emails are hilarious but this is one from a chap in Switzerland.

"Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then traveling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Can you lead a kangaroo rat to water?

Possibly, but you couldn't make him drink -- Kangaroo rats never drink water. Like their relatives the pocket mice, they carry their own water source within them, producing fluids from the food they eat and the air they breathe.

Source: ArcaMax - Trivia, http://tinyurl.com/9kf44

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