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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 9, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The formula for a happy marriage is the same as for living in California: when you find a fault, don't dwell on it.

Submitted by Maggie


The grave of Fanny Crosby, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has a simple marker that read, "Aunt Fanny -- She Hath Done What She Could."

Fanny Crosby was blind from six weeks of age because of a mistreatment by a man claiming to be a doctor. Yet God used her to write more than 9000 hymns such as:
"Blessed Assurance; All The Way My Saviour Leads Me; I Am Thine O Lord; Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross; Praise Him, Praise Him; Rescue The Perishing; To God Be The Glory;" and "Tell Me The Story Of Jesus," to name a few.

Although blind, she was the guest of six presidents and a personal friend to Grover Cleveland. Her 9000 hymns were to set to music by every popular American tunesmith of the nineteenth century and still blesses the Church of Jesus Christ in our day.
Someone has said, "It doesn't take much of a man to be used of God. It just takes all of him."

Source: Monday Fodder

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

You're No Longer "Cool" When...

You listen to talk radio.

You daughter says she got pierced and you look at her ears.

The pattern on your shorts and couch match.

You fondly remember your powder blue leisure suit.

You don't know how to operate a fax machine.

When someone mentions SURFING you picture waves and a surf-board.

You remember the "Rolling Stones" as a rock group, not a corporation.

You turn down free tickets to a concert because you have to work the next day.

You bought your first car for the same price you paid for your kid's new running shoes.

When jogging is something you do to your memory.

Rocking all night means dozing off in your rocking chair.

All the cars behind you flash their headlights.

Submitted by Spaz


Sam and Ruth from Maine had just bought a new car when winter hit with all its fury. "I wonder if the car has seat warmers," Ruth wondered.

"It sure does," said Sam, looking through the owner's manual. "Here it is...rear defrosters.

Submitted by Lulu

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

John Taylor Gatto, former New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year has compiled the following list that he calls "The 20 Qualities of an Educated Person." In compiling this list, Gatto reviewed the answers to questionnaires given to a number of Corporate Personnel Managers and College Admission Officers. According to these two groups, an educated person will demonstrate:

1. A broadly knowledgeable mind
2. Self confidence
3. A life purpose
4. A touch of class
5. Good leadership skills
6. The ability to work with a team
7. Patience
8. Good public speaking skills
9. Good writing skills
10. Resourcefulness
11. A desire for responsibility
12. Honesty
13. A public spirit
14. The ability to work well alone
15. An eye for details
16. The ability to focus at will
17. Perseverance
18. The ability to handle pressure
19. Curiosity
20. An attractive personal style

(Do you notice how these have little to do with academic knowledge and skills, but a LOT to do with CHARACTER?)

Source: The Funnies, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/andychaps_the-funnies

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