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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 7, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The very thing one likes, one does well. - Japanese Proverb

Source: Beliefnet Presents, http://www.beliefnet.com/user/newsletter_choose.asp


At the feet of a medical missionary a grateful father and mother knelt, to worship her as a god, for she had restored their child to health.

Hastily the missionary cried out to them, "We are not gods! Worship the true God."

"You must be a god," they said; "no one but a god could have saved our beloved child from death."

"Suppose," said the missionary, "that I wished to bestow a valuable gift upon you and sent it by the hand of one of my coolies; whom would you thank, the coolie or me?"

"We would thank you, of course; the coolie is your servant."

"And so I am God's coolie, by whose hand God has been pleased to send you this gift of healing, and it is to Him you must now give thanks."

Source: Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) January 17, 1933, Pacific Press, http://www.signstimes.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Signs You're Getting Older
Part 1 of 2 [Apr 7, 17]

1. Everything hurts and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.

2. The gleam in your eyes is from the sun hitting your bi-focals.

3. You feel like the morning after and you haven't been anywhere.

4. Your little black book contains only names that end in M.D.

5. Your children begin to look middle aged.

6. You finally reach the top of the ladder and find it leaning against the wrong wall.

7. Your mind makes contracts your body can't meet.

8. You look forward to a dull evening.

9. Your favorite part of the newspaper is "20 Years Ago Today."

10. You turn out the lights for economic rather than romantic reasons.

11. You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going.

12. Your knees buckle, and your belt won't.

14. You're 17 around the neck, 42 around the waist, and 95 around the golf course.

15. Your back goes out more than you do.

17. Your Pacemaker makes the garage door go up when you see a pretty girl.

18. The little old gray haired lady you helped across the street is your wife.

19. You sink your teeth into a steak, and they stay there.

20. You have too much room in the house and not enough in the medicine cabinet.

21. You get your exercise acting as a pallbearer for your friends who exercise.

22. You know all the answers, but nobody asks you the questions.

23. You're asleep, but others worry that you're dead.

24. You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.

25. You buy a compass for the dash of your car.

Submitted by Angelwings


Never hire an electrician with no eyebrows.

Submitted by Gerry

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

A Florida schoolgirl won top prize with a science project proving toilet water is cleaner than ice in fast food restaurants.

Jasmine Roberts, 12, of New Tampa, tested her theory in five local restaurants, reports Tampa Bay's 10 News.

"My hypothesis was that the fast food restaurantsí ice would contain more bacteria that the fast food restaurantsí toilet water," she said.

Jasmine says at each restaurant she flushed the toilet once, then used sterile gloves to gather samples.

She also collected ice from soda fountains and asked for cups of ice at drive thru windows. She then tested the samples at a lab.

Jasmine said: "I found that 70% of the time, the ice from the fast food restaurant's contain more bacteria than the fast food restaurant's toilet water."

Her project won the science fair at Benito Middle School, and she hopes to win the top prize at a regional science and engineering fair.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com

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